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Pls recommend great tent sites within 2 hours from Cambridge with young kids

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zimzam Fri 03-Jul-09 11:42:39

Suffolk, Norfolk, West or NW of London (not great with my counties there!)Its just for one night so doesn't need to have loads of extra facilities.
I heard of a good one near Windsor, by the Thames...

Or please recommend a good website as there are loads and I need to focus!

Goober Fri 03-Jul-09 11:46:43

THE ORCHARD CAMPSITE in Wickham Market, Suffolk.

Overmydeadbody Fri 03-Jul-09 11:50:21

Great sites near and in Wells-Next-the-Sea, there is one called the Mill Farm that we went to last weekend, we got a train and bus there from Cambridge, definately less that 2 hrs by car.

also, most of the peak district can be reached by car from Cambridge in less that 2 hrs

zimzam Fri 03-Jul-09 12:13:48

Thanks I'll look at those but any south of Cambridge as we are two families and the other lives in Surrey so somewhere between the two would be ideal.

Overmydeadbody Fri 03-Jul-09 12:40:57

Sorry I have never really camped south of cambridge, unless you count Kent, but I only camp there for climbing so couldn't really recommend.

zimzam Fri 03-Jul-09 13:01:36

Just seen Cliff House in Dunwich, Suffolk (listed in Times Online). Anyone been there?

Lilymaid Fri 03-Jul-09 14:12:05

If Overmydeadbody can get to most of the Peak District in under 2 hours she most be going it a bit - around 3 hours is more likely.
Tangham, near Woodbridge is very nice and easy to reach via A14.

Overmydeadbody Fri 03-Jul-09 14:21:50

That is not true lilymaid! shock

Ok, maybe I'm talking about the southern parts of the peak district but I often go there on day trips from Cambrisge to climb and we get there in 1.5 hrs if the traffic is favourable.

Last time we drove to Stanage Edge it took us 1hr 45 minutes. No speeding.

Overmydeadbody Fri 03-Jul-09 14:23:11

I am hurt at the accusation <<sulks>>

Katymac Fri 03-Jul-09 15:00:04

I think there is a nice one at Clippesby, Norfolk - Not stayed there but it has a good reputation locally

alexw Fri 03-Jul-09 15:49:28

Swiss Farm International in Henley is good.

Lilymaid Fri 03-Jul-09 16:10:11

Overmydeadbody - well let's compromise. I get Cambridge - Baslow in 2hours 21 mins according to Via Michelin. We are a little south of Cambridge so it is nearer 3 hours for us, and (confession) we don't always keep to under 70mph west of Huntingdon!
DH does some geriatric climbing in the Peaks occasionally but mainly goes to The Castle.

Katymac Fri 03-Jul-09 20:52:24


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