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Bedding? In hot climates

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Gravitygirl Thu 02-Jul-09 09:04:46

So its going to be roasting where we are ( apparently) and I do remember it being the kind of heat where you slept in nothing and maybe had a sheet ( but thats when I was a kid) now Im the sensible mum and wanting to cover every base I have no idea what to take in terms of bedding.....

The kids have kampa junior beds, I was going to put sheets over them but then thought that kind of ruins the high sides things , doesnt it?

Can they just sleep on the bed with nothing underneath?
Was thinking about a cotton blanket incase it got chilly... any recs?

paranoidmother Thu 02-Jul-09 10:52:36

we put ours just in pants last night with a sheet over them. They seemed the happiest like that.

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