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glampers get yourself some self respect (and gortex)

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chevre Wed 01-Jul-09 15:10:24

with your bell tents and silly tealights you sully the good name of camping.


Slubberdegullion Wed 01-Jul-09 15:23:52


yeah! yeah! Fight! Fight!

<stands behing chevre with spare guys in tupperware box>

chevre Wed 01-Jul-09 15:36:13

[awards slubber the collapsable box award for sensibleness]

Slubberdegullion Wed 01-Jul-09 15:39:14


cheers for that grin

I hope it comes in a collapsible box, for ease of storage.

chevre Wed 01-Jul-09 15:39:48

it comes in a hardwear grey bag with toggle string

Slubberdegullion Wed 01-Jul-09 15:41:32

Lovely smile

Oh I am thrilled.

chevre Wed 01-Jul-09 15:42:23

no time for smiley faces i must pack!

paisleyleaf Wed 01-Jul-09 15:42:32

We warm the water on the stove and clip the battery airbed pump to the side of the paddling pool - hot tub with bubbles outside our tent grin

Slubberdegullion Wed 01-Jul-09 16:12:41

Paisley are you really coming to defend the glampers armed with a Heath Robinson hot tub? grin

Sounds a bit dangerous to me. Water and electricity....tut
<disaproving stare>

troutpout Wed 01-Jul-09 16:34:53

Oh slubber... there is no fooling us...we've all seen your pretty windbreak!
get thee to the poncetastic set

Slubberdegullion Wed 01-Jul-09 16:43:03


I don't think so. It is by-the-by that the blue diamond has turned out to be an attractive piece of kit. It was purchased for all the right, sensible and proper reasons: Robustness, lack of falling down ability and noise levels.

Don't you be wielding my windbreak against me troutpout.

Overmydeadbody Wed 01-Jul-09 20:00:33

Slubber I'm with troutpot on this.

Chevre I couldn't agree more with your OP

<<tensions guys>>

Slubberdegullion Wed 01-Jul-09 20:11:08

oh ho ho lady you are being brave
<narrows eyes>
<rolls up sleeves>
<casually lays new mallet on the table>

There is nothing glampy about a windbreak.

There is nothing glampy about my windbreak.

I am the distilled essence of non glampyness.

Do I need to remind you about your concern re non ironed clothes last week? Do I? Do I?

ilovemydogandmrobama Wed 01-Jul-09 20:18:10

<<runs from thread>>

Slubberdegullion Wed 01-Jul-09 20:19:35

ilovemydog NOOOOOOOOO come and pile in with your new solar lights grin

Overmydeadbody Wed 01-Jul-09 20:50:01


Overmydeadbody Wed 01-Jul-09 20:53:39

Slubber admit it, you are a little teeny bit verging on glampiness, it is a slippery slopw you knoe, designer windbreak bunting next season, mark my words grin

Slubberdegullion Wed 01-Jul-09 20:58:50

I am not!

I would be verging on the be-bunted cusp of glampyness if we had a trailer, or a bigger car or a bigger roofbox or all three <dreams a little dreamy dream> but there is NO MORE SPACE.

There is yet more un-glamped kit I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed (like tables and chairs) that come before all the lovely pretty decorated stuff.

I will stay firm in camp utilitarian.

Camp Utilitarian: GO FORCE!
<brandishes delta peg>

PeachyTheRiverParrettHarlot Wed 01-Jul-09 21:18:25

I have buting, and a Cobb. And steam haribrush thing (well will next week for my birthday LOL)

However I also cam on basic sites and have doen the full hike caboodle (ds2 goes off on first cub camp himself friday <<weeps for her baby growing up>>

So therefore I like camping in all it's many variants which is fair enough IMO LOL

specialmagiclady Wed 01-Jul-09 21:22:40

the be-bunted cusp of glampyness

Is the best phrase I have ever ever read.


Slubberdegullion Wed 01-Jul-09 21:31:11

specialmagiclady grin

Peachy awww about ds2 at cub camp and WHAT is a steam hair brush? Are you bushy of head?

Overmydeadbody Wed 01-Jul-09 21:35:27

<snort> at bushy of head!

I heart you all, whatever type of camper you are.

i am a minimalsit camper with glampy aspirations myself grin

ilovemydogandmrobama Wed 01-Jul-09 21:37:17

I'm a happy camper wink grin

PortBlacksandResident Wed 01-Jul-09 21:43:54

My windbreak is genuine 1970s retro - it is yellow then orange then beige then yellow again then a startling and unwelcome green then beige then yellow.

It still has it's original wooden poles and it clashes with my 22 yr old caravan which has brown velour curtains and green upholstery. There is not an awning in sight.

Am i a Glamper? (hopeful) --------> grin

Overmydeadbody Wed 01-Jul-09 21:46:19

happy campers are the best!

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