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Baby sleep when caamping witha group

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curns Tue 30-Jun-09 22:46:55

I am a virgin camper as a mum. We are going camping with friends who also have children aged 3 and 2 years old. I am really nervous about my 18 month old sleeping whilst we are camping on 2 accounts:

1) We are going camping for 3 nights, how do you maintain a night sleep routine, or do you let it all go to pot for the 3 nights. This worries me, as my little one needs her sleep.

2) Naps. She always has a Nap around 10:30am for 2 hrs. She doesn't have an afternoon one. How can I maintain this whilst camping, esp as she doesn't sleep in her pram as she can't switch off from her surroundings.

Really worrying, which is spoiling the whole concept of camping, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


isittooearlyforgin Tue 30-Jun-09 22:52:41

hi there! we went camping when my son was younger and it worked well for the kids (bloody hard work for the parents though !!)
for a day time nap i cheated and took ds for quick drive in the car, and as for evenings - when he was tired - a bit later than usual - put him to bed in the travel cot. It's bulky to pack but did ensure some continuity. it worked quite well for us
good luck!

scrambled Tue 30-Jun-09 22:52:55

I take it this is first time camping with 18 month old? We try to keep routine similar but not worry too much. i find if we let it totally go to pot she (and we) regret it the next day. the fresh air makes her sleep well!! if its her first time in a tent she might be a bit freaked out by being left in there, can you get her to sleep in one before you go, so it is a bt more familiar? I think if you want to keep it the same, then be consistent, ie if she gets up lay her down again even if it takes all evening. I find if you let them get away with it once (ie give up , or let tham stay up)then it just becomes harder the next time you try. failing that, go for a drive!!

isittooearlyforgin Tue 30-Jun-09 23:00:38

yes - forgot to mention - ds slept like a log - fresh air, lots of exercise!

Orangesarenottheonlyfruit Wed 01-Jul-09 09:25:37

Hi, we just took our 19 month old camping for the first time. Things I discovered:

1) Keep the routine as much as possible but don't worry if things are different. DD had hot milk before bed, like usual but had her bath, when I could be bothered , in a washing up bowl. She loved it!

2)Make sure they're warm at night. I had to put a surprising amount of clothes on DD, even tho it was warm at night. She slept in a travel cot, on a sheepskin in about 15 layers! But she slept very well.

3)Take naps as and when you can, but don't get too worried about it. They will survive!

4) Let it happen. It's only for a couple of days and as some wise person said to me - if they live on marshmallows and raisins for a a few days, it isn't the end of the world!

Have a great time.

meebles Wed 01-Jul-09 22:35:41

my DD (19 months) slept really well last weekend. We just took her mattress from her cot and she slept on that in the same room as us in the tent. We just put her to bed the same time as we normally would, and did milk/story in the same way. She went out like a light - wish it was always that easy!
Naps - well she does always sleep well in her buggy so we just took that. She also went to sleep well in a bike trailer being bumped around the new forest all day!

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