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Fat Airic

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julienoshoes Sun 28-Jun-09 20:59:57

Discussions here in the past convinced me that a Fat Airic was the camping mattress for me.

After dh burst my old double lilo on the last camping trip, the time has come to replace it-but they seem to be out of stock everywhere I have looked!sad

Anyone got an ida where I might find one?
I need one pretty damn quick we are away at a home education festival on the 11th!


troutpout Sun 28-Jun-09 21:13:00

MMmmmm don't know where you will get one now. Ebay?
Have you suscribed to their product update so that they mail you when some come in? That's what i did.
I was quite sceptical about them when a friend waxed lyrical about them and also when mine arrived and i tried them on the floor at home.
I can honestly say it was the most comfortable i have been when camping. I think it was almost as good as my bed.
Well worth the money

julienoshoes Sun 28-Jun-09 21:32:29

Yes have prescribed to product update.
Tried Ebay.
Just don't want to cough up money for a different lilo, when I have decided on this one-after hearing reports like yours about it.
Waited long enough til old one reached the end of it's life!

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