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5m bell tents

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paisleyleaf Sat 27-Jun-09 23:29:21

DH wants us to get the larger size......he is 6 ft + mind.
I'd been thinking a 4m.
I think I've not been wanting to get the 5 metre because I'd feel somehow embarrassed pitching such a massive tent when there's only 3 of a big top!

Have any of you with a 5m had any problems - getting spaces, paying more, encroaching on campsite neighbours, pitches big enough?
Or are you always glad of the space.

paisleyleaf Sun 28-Jun-09 09:17:37

It'd be good if there was somewhere we could actually see one......I should go round the campsites.

I'm not sure it's as big as you think, our montana is 415 x 585 and then we put a canopy on the front which is another couple of metres in length.

And while our tent is big it's not huge, the outwell maryland xxl is nearly 10m square, now that is a big tent, but people would expect to put it on a normal pitch.

paisleyleaf Sun 28-Jun-09 10:08:51

That does make me feel better about the size, thankyou
(crikey! at 10m square)

Orangesarenottheonlyfruit Mon 29-Jun-09 08:47:53

Hi, I was exactly the same, there are only three of us but DH (6'2"!) insisted we got the 5m one. I am very glad we did as we have masses of space and can fit a double mattress and a travel cot in plus all the extra kit with minimum of fuss. The other upside is that you can sleep with feet facing the pole and head pointing towards the edge of the tent, like spokes on a wheel iyswim. I don't think you can quite do that in the 4m one.

On another note, we spent most of the w/e lounging on a pretty campsite with the sides rolled up and a gente breeze wafting over. It really was as blissful as it sounds! Get one!

paisleyleaf Mon 29-Jun-09 12:33:54

You know what? As chance should have it, I was at a fete thing yesterday and the kiddies craft was set up in a 5M BELL TENT!! Perfect. It was lovely. I got to spend time in it, with DH, sussing it out etc.
So we're going for the 5m. It's not too big as I was imagining. The size is lovely. Sides rolled up, nice fresh light etc

I'm looking forward to a weekend like you've just had Oranges smile

Orangesarenottheonlyfruit Mon 29-Jun-09 14:17:48

Hooray! Another convert. You'll be eyeing up bunting and rugs before you know it!

paisleyleaf Mon 29-Jun-09 14:24:00

oh I already have plenty of bunting and rugs around wink

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