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Recommend me a camping kettle, oh cool MN campers

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muffle Sat 27-Jun-09 17:19:00

Now if it's not too much to ask I would like:

- approx 2 litre capacity but can be a bit less
- hardwearing, good design and will last - no annoying ill-fitting lids or flimsiness
- whistling
- and if possibe funky/retro good looks, for that "bunting" feeling - but I'll compromise on that for quality.

Don't mind paying more for one that will last well.

I'm too busy to MN (woe) but will be back later to see if anyone knows of the kettle of my dreams.

chevre Sat 27-Jun-09 17:37:14

och just go to halfords

muffle Sat 27-Jun-09 17:40:04

I'm here! (briefly) well, that one is ok but I was hoping someone would come along with some kind of kidston stylee/soulpad-worthy 1950s whistling wonder in retro orange enamel, or similar.

chevre Sat 27-Jun-09 17:40:34

we have this one but with a whistling bit it is suitable bashed and 'vintage' now.

did your cups come in time for the weekend?

chevre Sat 27-Jun-09 17:41:05

muffle youare beyond redemption.

chevre Sat 27-Jun-09 17:42:21

é voila

Lilymaid Sat 27-Jun-09 17:43:38

What about a Kelly Kettle - leaves the gas burner free!

sweetfall Sat 27-Jun-09 17:43:42

you need a Kelly's Kettle for cool I think

sweetfall Sat 27-Jun-09 17:44:22

that was a spooky cross-post

bigTillyMint Sat 27-Jun-09 17:45:20

Whistling's good to remind you when it's ready, but not good when you forget you put it on early in the morning and pop to the loo blush

muffle Sat 27-Jun-09 17:57:15

There you go chevre - you did have a funky orange kettle in you all along (I knew it)

Hmm kelly kettle! <whole new area of camping poncery opens up like a glorious vista>

chevre Sat 27-Jun-09 18:13:15

and the cups?

muffle Sat 27-Jun-09 18:15:33

Oh yes they did! I posted about it - they are fabulous but very small, but I love them.

chevre Sat 27-Jun-09 18:18:06

thought they seemed teeny tiny. are you going oot tonight?

muffle Sat 27-Jun-09 18:19:34

No, have heard about it but have prior arrangement to go babysitting with my pile of quilt bits. Have fun if you are.

chevre Sat 27-Jun-09 18:41:42

thats a shame. how was last weekend? i took dd canoeing!

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