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First time campers with 2 under 2 - what do we need?!

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JennyPenny22 Fri 26-Jun-09 20:04:11

Just booked a last min camping trip for Monday for 4 nights in Haven in Weymouth. Will have DD1 18 months, DD2 9 weeks and My 20 year old sister and me.

We are borrowing a 4 man Tent from my Dad and cooking equipmemt. Hoping to borrow an inflatable mattress from my sister.

Don't really know where else to start with a list of stuff we need to sort out!

If anybody could help I would be really gratefull!

PeachyTheRiverParrettHarlot Fri 26-Jun-09 20:15:30

YOu don't need much else

Chairs or something to sit on (at worst a cushion in a lastic bag will do, but Asda do them for about a fiver)


A cool bag with a few ice blocks in

sleeping bags or duvets


severaltorches or lanterns


Now, dd2 is nine weeks/ What'll she be sleeping on and is she BF?

A travel cot and vango baby bag is ideal if she is not in with you,but you need to think layers. Sterilising can be done in a saucepan, butyou can get disposable bottles in Wilkinsons and boots which may be easiest first time

DD1 would suit either a readybed or travel cot though a self inflating mat would do

Lay a fleece under each bed as that insulates better for children; be aware night can be cold even in summer- hates etc useful

raincoats, wet shoes (jelly shoes or crocs as good as wellies)

JennyPenny22 Fri 26-Jun-09 21:00:01

DD2 is BF but doesn't co sleep. We do have a baby sleeping bag - will that be good? We also have a pop up moses basket that we were planning to bring. Possibly bringing the travel cot if there is space.

DD1 - is very fussy about where she sleeps and the one I am more concerned about. She likes HER bed and nowhere else! But might be a good chance to break this habit TBH. Was hoping to just let her sleep in with us. She hates cots/travel cots. One thing I worry about with her is that she sometimes wakes for a warm bottle of cows milk and not quite sure how to do that in the middle of the night!

4andnotout Fri 26-Jun-09 21:02:37

Heat her bottle up really hot and then wrap in a towel to keep it warm, that's what we do for dd3

JennyPenny22 Fri 26-Jun-09 21:09:41

Will it not go off? I guess we will probably be late going to bed anyway.

4andnotout Fri 26-Jun-09 21:12:22

We haven't had a bottle go off yet, dd3 gozzles milk during the night and if you don't give it to her quick she screams the tent down shock

JennyPenny22 Fri 26-Jun-09 21:24:54

That sounds like Elouise! She is used to being in her own room, and we don't go in there until we have a bottle, if we go in without one we are stuck as she would scream if you left her to go and get it but if you bring her with you she then won't go back to bed as she thinks she is getting up! Will do your idea then! I guess I can always taste it to double check before giving it to her!

PeachyTheRiverParrettHarlot Sat 27-Jun-09 20:19:26

If I were you i'd do the bottle thing but maybe keep a flask of hot water handy for an alternative JIC- it could be quitr hot overnight for a week or so

When camping lo's get tired very easily so agood time to break bed habit i think

JennyPenny22 Sat 27-Jun-09 21:44:18

this is the tent we have borrowed I got it today and had a practise putting it up - was a breeze!

Do you think it would be ok to boil some milk and keep it in a flask to use overnight? Hoping the fresh air will knock her out anyway! GLad DD2 is BF so nice and easy!

My car is already half packed as I had to go and collect the stuff today. There is still stacks of room in my car! So will probably bring travel cot incase we need it and leave it in the car if we don't!

We have 2 inflateable mattresses - one double and one large single - these pretty much cover the whole of the bedroom so it is just one big bed iyswim. Hoping we can all fit on comfortably!

Still can't decide what to bring for DD2. The pop up cot would take up less space, and has an insect net and hanging toys all attached. But then I could take the carrycot from the pram which would be nice and secure (as in, no body could roll on her or anything). And won't be tooo much extra space taken up as we can use it to store stuff in the car.

We don't have any torches or lights - will have to see if I can borrow some!

Do you know how many layers I should be putting on the kids at night? It is meant to be nice! Worried about them getting too hot/cold! I am not very good at thinking straight in the night - I am like a zombie and usually dont even remember what I have done by the morning blush

PeachyTheRiverParrettHarlot Sun 28-Jun-09 18:42:03

Tent should be OK but you might find it a bit small- will be good and sturdy though, gelert is a good make.

If you decide to buy in the future a family of 4 neds a 6 berth tent. BUt yours are little so will be OK.

You must get toprches sorted- pundland have quite a few decent torches in ATM (and batteries- take at least 2 sets of spare batteries), you need a minimum or a lantern per room and a torch per adult IME. The more the better!

Layers- it's easier at 3am to take them off than put them on, and it rarely is not nippy in a tent. With ds4 I would put him in a vest with PJ's and he wears a fleece poncho over and then his bag. He is 14 months. DS3 as a toddler wore undies, PJ's and a jumper with a hat if needed.

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