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the asda tent

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jetcat32 Wed 24-Jun-09 11:57:20


a complete camping novice here blush

my sister and her two kids are coming down next month to stay for a few days. My dd (12) has became fascinated with the idea of tents, and would like to sleep in the back garden with aunt and cousins (i cant, as use a CPAP on a night blush

Due to my health issues, not sure if we will actually go 'proper' camping (would love to though) so dont want to spend a fortune on a tent only to use it once.

I have seen in asda a 3 person tent, with two sleeping bags, two chairs and a lantern for £40. Or there is a 4 person tent for the same (i think) - but no sleeping bags etc. Would 1 adult and 3 kids 11-12 squeeze fit into a 3 person tent, or should i go for a 4 man tent. Or forget the asda ones and go for something completely different??

Many thanks, and i love reading all your camping stories. It gives me hope that one day i might actually manage it lol!

juicychops Wed 24-Jun-09 20:58:17

hiya i bought my tent a few weeks ago half price from £50 down to £25 2108129/c_2/3%7Ccat_12108129%7CTents%7C12108132/Trail/searchtext>CAMPING.htm

its a really good one and its for 4 people. might be worth it if they have them in stock lacally to you

juicychops Wed 24-Jun-09 20:58:48

meant to say locally to you

nannyL Thu 25-Jun-09 19:24:00

i would not try and squeeze more people than it says into a tent

generally tents sleep comfortably 1 LESS person (per room) than they say

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