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i saw the most hugenormous tent at the weekend

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chevre Tue 23-Jun-09 11:27:16

this baby must take all weekend to put up

WhereTheWildThingsWere Tue 23-Jun-09 11:33:41

I see your Merridian 10, and raise you a Maryland XXL

chevre Tue 23-Jun-09 11:35:37

crazy. i was totally bedazzled by the enormity. the gelert tent was perched at the top of a hill bulging and generally looking a bit bonkers.

Glitterknickaz Tue 23-Jun-09 11:40:41

Me likey.

WhereTheWildThingsWere Tue 23-Jun-09 11:44:46

Check out this beauty, scroll down to the inside pic's at the bottom shock.

chevre Tue 23-Jun-09 11:52:24

that is just freaky!

PortBlacksandResident Tue 23-Jun-09 12:02:09

I saw one of those at the caravan and boat show in spring. It had a room inside that was jungle themed - with crawly through holes etc. and leaves and things. Surely the whole point of camping is crawling through the undergrowth for real grin. Or don't the type of campers who own these tents go out in the rain?

usernametaken Tue 23-Jun-09 12:05:26

WTWTW- Wow, that is bigger than my house!

MumHadEnough Tue 23-Jun-09 23:04:48

OMG that certainly is hugenormous (loving our new camping word!).

Now some good camping porn there. If I had bits I'd have a hard on. grin

[sneaks out after lowering the tone yet again] blush

pootlepod Tue 23-Jun-09 23:16:11

But does anyone with these tents take 14 people? More like 4. grin You could park your car in that last tent.

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