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Outwell Kids Rooms, Advice please

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Lisaannb Mon 22-Jun-09 21:47:50

Hi we really want to get the kids room for our 2 little ones but have a question that I can't seem to get an answer for. We have a Wolf Lake 5 that we can open the joining wall of bedrooms if they wake during the night rather than having to get up, I know soooooo lazy.
Anyway does anyone know if the kids room has a zip out wall that this can be done with or not.
THanks in anticipation

I would think it was very unlikely, the one for the Montana doesn't and is the reason we haven't brought it yet.

nannyL Tue 23-Jun-09 10:11:45

i have looked at it (in our camping shop) and certainly dont remember seeing one... but i didnt study it in detail so i guess i might have missed it even if it was there.

Washersaurus Tue 23-Jun-09 22:12:19

We have the Montana kids room and the kids room does have the zip on the side so you can get through to the adjoining inner in the night if needed. The two inners obviously don't completely join up so we do need to keep them zipped up to stop the draughts though.

Washersaurus Tue 23-Jun-09 22:13:21

WTWTW - see I've given you an excuse to buy it now grin

debbiewebweb Tue 23-Jun-09 22:43:01

We've got the outwell kids room for our Norfolk Lake and yes it does have a side zip so we can reach their room from ours. But unfortunately it doesn't work as well as we expected because you cannot fully detach the bedroom that the kids room has replaced - you can unzip it on three sides but then you have to roll it up and leave it on the floor attached to your bedroom. So you have this rolled up bedroom stuck between your room and the kids - its just a bit bulky and gets in the way - I have no idea why you can't just unzip the whole thing and leave it at home. Shame. But having said that the kids loved it and slept better than ever grin

Lisaannb Wed 24-Jun-09 11:01:05

That is brilliant thanks for all your replies. Best go and get the order made so we have it reasy for our 3 weeks in France. Sure the kids will love it as a surprise when we get there to make up for the long journey.
Thanks again

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