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OK real campers now. Need proper camping rucksack for 8 year old ds2; what to look for?

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Peachy Thu 18-Jun-09 11:41:36

I remember in my day ( alooong time ago) hip belts and frames were all the range but I suspect things have moved on after two decades? Plus he'sonly eight, and a small eight at that. yet the cubs note says kit rucksack must be able to be carried by ds2.

Tips please?

hettie Thu 18-Jun-09 12:35:40

OK- How much weight will he be expected to carry in it? There are kids specifc ones I like the deuter one mid way down this page

frame ones are no longer the thing.... I wuld say main thing is: top loading adjustable back legnth if poss, good lot of padding and waist and chest straps (if poss)
there a few more options

Peachy Thu 18-Jun-09 13:10:48

Enopugh gar for two nights, though not a tent/

Figured frames would be out PMSL, we still camp a lot but expeditions are a thing of the past (well ATM- when the kids are older will try to convert DH).

There are some lovely ones on that link, am tempted by the 22L and 30L models- will they be enough?

nuttysquirrel Sat 20-Jun-09 23:10:27

Depends how big his sleeping bag packs down to, I remember taking one of those huge square foam things when I was wee and it took up half my 50L sack!!
As he is only small its a good idea to stick with a small pack as then there is less room for c*p and will encourage him to pack light! will he actually be walking carrying overnight stuff, or will they be based somewhere and he will use it for day walks, eight seems little for backpacking when you have to carry it all yourself!

hettie Sun 21-Jun-09 09:34:43

30L is quite a lot, my adult one is 80L and I have packed all I needed for an 8 week trip in that! Plus to be honest he wouldn't be able to carry much more. If his sleeping bag is a decent make of mummy style (and child specific) it will pack down small and light then just role matt, change of clothes and washbag and towel... should be fine

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