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cheap airbeds ?

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loubylou66 Wed 17-Jun-09 16:34:57

Trying to get stuff together for first camping trip..bought tent, now debating on whether to buy airbeds or self inflating mats..seen lots of airbeds around £8 or £9, mainly supermarket versions.Is there any difference between them and the more expensive outwell / vango ones, particularly with regard to comfort ?
Also most expeienced campers that I know opt for airbeds... Just wondered how comfortable the self inflating mats really are, especially the budget ones rather than the thermalite variety or fat airics.I tend to like a soft mattress on my bed at home so wonder whether the self inflating things would be too firm...Any advice would be really grateful, thanks

Don't be saying on here that experienced campers prefer airbeds, you'll be battered to death with a rolled up fat airic before you can say 'good nights sleep'.winkgrin

Their are about a million threads on not buying cheap airbeds here UKCS have a gander, but the general concensus seems to be they puncture and pop on a fairly regular basis so are a huge waste of money.

Generally the Coleman Comfort is considered to be good and this is what we have, very comfy and I've never had a problem, the two sides inflate seperately so when two people sleep on it when one moves the other one doesn't get bounced around.

Lots of people rate the Aldi cheap inflatable mats, but I don't know if their will be any left, I don't know about other cheap brands, but I'm sure someone else will come along who does.

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