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Mumsaysno Tue 16-Jun-09 10:54:58

We have an Outwell Hartford L (2007) dome tent and on our first camping trip it took me and dh over two hours to put it up (and we had to ask for help). This has now put dh off the tent (as it is an inner pitch first) he is thinking of selling the tent and getting an all in one pitch tent.

Do you think this is the way to go or should we try again with the tent we have. I like the tent as it is roomy for our family of 4 and we have the carpet and groundsheet.

If we did buy a different tent are tunnel tents any easier to pitch than dome tents?

Any advice glady received and passed onto dh. Thanks

FlappyTheBat Tue 16-Jun-09 10:59:33

Go on to You Tube and search for your tent, there is a company based in the Lake District and they have posted lots of videos on pitching Outwell tents.

We have a Montana 6 and normally takes us 30 mins to pitch - was a lot longer than that the 1st couple of times.

On the video, our tent is pitched in 8 mins single handedly!!!!!

Outwell make great tents, can you pitch it in your garden and practice?

pesme Tue 16-Jun-09 11:00:44

it should get easier to put up the more times you do it.

having said that i hate inner pitch first types.

i think tunnels are easier and outer pitch first is definitely teh way to go.

ours your put up the outside and then hang the rooms inside.

Tunnel tents are easier to pitch but if it was your first trip then I would have a few more practice sessions with it. The first time we put our tunnel tent up it took ages.

Peachy Tue 16-Jun-09 11:03:09

I wuld ractice more, absolutely: massive diffeence

BUT when you do change the tent I would skip inner first. We ahd one, waslovely, saw a couple pitching same one in the rain and was aghast 9and gratefulfor our weather luck).

Tunnels far easier to pitch.

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