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have I made wrong decision ?

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yorkshiregirl Tue 16-Jun-09 10:05:31

Have finally persuaded DH to give camping a go so I am now in process of looking for a cheapish tent but from a reputable brand..I have finally decided on the Vango icarus at £129 on the basis of v good reviews on various camping websites. Unfortunately just come across an internet only deal for the orchy 600 for £153 with Gaynors in Ambleside.... This gets equally good reviews but is bigger and of a better spec (I think !!). It it worth the extra 20 odd £sss or not ? Any advice much welcomed, thanks Louise

Peachy Tue 16-Jun-09 10:10:06

Big is good when campoping but euqally there is too big.

TBH though once you've got a Vango you've got a decent brand, the tent will be fine, its down entirely to personal preference

Hard to say, personally I think you should spend as much as your budget will bend to on what you sleep in and on ie your tent and bedroom stuff, there is nothing worse than being cold and uncomfortable in a storm and worndering if your tent will actually stay up.

However it very much depends on how often you are going to go camping and for how long, and how much of a tent snob you are grin whether it is worth spending the extra cash. If you start doing it reguarly you may find yourself wanting to get something better.

When we brought ours we started looking at tents that retailed at around 80 quid, we ended up buying one worth about £400! (though it was massively reduced).

Furball Tue 16-Jun-09 12:13:57

laaa laaa laaaa I can't hear you <<shoves fingers in ears>>

My Icarus 500 turned up yesterday grin

- Just looked at that orchy 600 and the head-height in the bedroom is only 140mm is to low for dh

oregonianabroad Tue 16-Jun-09 15:08:05

we have the orchy 600 and love it.

chatee Tue 16-Jun-09 20:19:52

i got a orchy 500 from gaynors in april and it was delivered the next day so received fab service.
have camped once in the tent for 5 days and it rained and blew a storm (oh and we were pitched on a sloping mountain side in yorkshire) and the tent stayed up and so did the orchy 600 next to us so i can say we are pleased with our vango orchy 500 tent
happy camping x

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