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what essentials do we need to start camping....

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mum2samandalex Sun 14-Jun-09 22:03:54

we havent even got the tent yet so just wondering what are the most impotant things we need for our first camping trip as obviously theirs alot to pay out at first. Hopefully we will be able to afford the rest next year and add to it.

motherducky Mon 15-Jun-09 10:05:05

we're just going camping for the first time this year too. So far as I can tell....

tent (we also got the footprint in the hope of the tent lasting longer)
something to sleep on/in (we have just bought aldi mats and morrisons sleeping bags)
something to sit on
something to cook on (we are just going to use disposable bbqs this year)
lighting (inc torches)
and all the usual - clothes, cutlery, towels, plastic bowls etc
decent pegs
coolbox (we already have the non-electric variety and are hoping that will be ok)

It is not cheap is it!? Although like dh says, it will be once we have everything

blithedance Mon 15-Jun-09 23:30:44

If you are going to add slowly to your collection, you could start with good basics. There was an article in the Guardian the other year about clutter free camping IIRC>

Sleeping bags (warm ones)
Selfinflating mat (more people lose sleep from cold than hardness of ground!)
Coldbox and icepacks
Stove and kettle (can be a one-burner job)
Some small stools are quite comfortable if you don't want to sit on the floor/picnic rug. Or get sturdy plastic boxes with lid to sit on/put clutter in.

Bits and bobs like matches mugs torches etc you will have around the house.

Then you grade into the concept of "furniture" and start needing a trailer for all the tables, armchairs, cupboards etc. But IMO better to have a secure tent and be warm than to have loads of crap stuff.

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