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would a liner improve on a cheapo tesco kids sleeping bag or should we just start over again ?

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yorkshiregirl Fri 12-Jun-09 17:39:16

DH bought a v cheap kids sleeping bag for DS1 from tesco on a whim. Looks very flimsy and a bit threadbare...Would a liner make it any better or should we just cut our losses and invest in a proper branded one. Will be our 1st campng trip so oviously don't want to spend a fortune ! Thanks, Louise

tinateaspoon Fri 12-Jun-09 18:58:06

I use a cotton liner in my sleeping bag and it does make it much more cosy - I wouldn't be without it, but DH hates them as he gets all twisted in it. It really depends on how much the liners are - mine is a cheap Aldi one that cost £2.99 but it does the job. They don't seem to have them with their camping stuff this time. I think if you are looking at over a tenner for one you might be as well to get a new sleeping bag. Can you return yours to Tesco?
I really think in this country you do need a good sleeping bag as it can get cold at night and there is nothing worse than being too cold to sleep sad

MrsMotMot Fri 12-Jun-09 19:47:38

I had a cotton liner and it does make a big difference. On long trips you can wash and dry it too, much easier than trying to wash a sleeping bag. Silk liners, I have been told, add a 'season' to your bag, and are sooo cosy. (Pricey though!)

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