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Upgrading to a new tent - opinions on outwell montana6 vs florida 6

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nikkid21 Wed 10-Jun-09 13:55:21

We currently have a wynnster sattelite 12 that's 4 year old. It one of the center dome with 3 bed pods off type ones and just doesn't have enough living space. Plus it feels very dark inside.

I really like the look of the Montana but the Florida has a better layout with the back door rather than side door and the front porch. If we bought the Monty then we would buy the front extension but wouldn't need to with the Florida.

Does anyone have a Florida? As it's new there are not many reviews out there. Anyone know if it would be too big for set pitch campsites (our wynnster is because of the space wasting footprint shape)? Anyone want to give an opinion of they think it's worth the extra £150 on an already £400+ purchase.



fruitful Wed 10-Jun-09 14:59:12

Ooh, that looks nice. (The florida)

We have a montana. With a canopy.

The outsidey-bit on the Florida looks good - definitely good to have walls on that bit, we end up with windbreaks around the edge under the canopy instead.

The inside of the Florida is a bit shorter though, not so good for wet weekends.

Dunno about back door vs side door. Depends where you camp. Do you usually get pitches with space at the front and back?

How old are your kids? Because the Florida has a gap between the sleeping compartments. I have little kids and like to sleep in a separate compartment, but in the night I can unzip the bit in between and check on them without getting out of my sleeping bag. Or they can crawl into my sleeping bag. Couldn't do that in the Florida.

nikkid21 Wed 10-Jun-09 15:37:53

Kids are 5 and 7 so I don't mind a bit of space away from them to be honest. At the moment we can only camp at non pitch sites because the wynnster footprint is too big. (8m X 9m)

The inside of the Florida is shorter but wider. I've worked the living areas out as monty 14.52 sq m and the Florida as 13.50 sq m. That sq metre could make all of the difference. However the florida has more usable wall space as such because the front door is smaller. On the monty we would have to keep clear the storm porch entrance area and / or the whole front bit where the big door is.

Feel like i'm going tent blind. Dh wants the Florida as he says we will save money in the long run. The logic is that we buy this and then camp in the UK for out main summer holiday rather than spend £1400 for 2 weeks in eurocamp type tent in France or Holland.

Is the extension on the montana structually sound or is there a chance of it flying away in bad weather? As the Florida canopy is integral to the tent dh says that it will be better than an add on structure.

Sorry this is long. Just trying to get all of my thoughs in order by putting them down.

midnightexpress Wed 10-Jun-09 15:42:12

<watches with interest>

nikkid21 Wed 10-Jun-09 17:59:06

Just bought the Florida grin

Am v.v excited - got it for just over £500 which is a good saving on the £750 rrp.

Now want to take the kids out of school next Friday for a long weekend camping blush

troutpout Thu 11-Jun-09 01:05:46

ooh that is lovely (both...but the florida particularly)

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