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Opc0904 Tue 09-Jun-09 23:58:25

We are a family of four completely new to camping and plan to start with a few short trips this year, not looking for anything too expensive... Have had a look at the family deals that places like Millets and Halfords are doing, where you get a tent, sleeping bags etc for £100ish - can anyone recommend these or is it worth spending the money on a better tent and getting the accessories separately? Any good starter tent recommendations v welcome, thanks!

misshardbroom Wed 10-Jun-09 13:22:18

We bought the Millets set last year, but to be honest, I rather wish we'd put the money towards something better.

The tent isn't massive, I've read a lot of threads that suggest that if you're a family of 4 you'd be better with a 6 berth tent, etc., and that's certainly true for us (as we try to cram 5 of us into our Millets 4 berth job grin)

Also, the central part of the tent has a groundsheet but it's not a fully fitted one. Perhaps it's just how DH puts it up, but there's a pretty big gap between the bottom edge of the tent and the floor.

The airbeds are OK.

The sleeping bags aren't the plushest you'll ever get, but I've always been warm enough in mine even camping in May, and the DCs haven't complained.

I'm lusting after an Outwell tent with a universal inner, but DH isn't having any of it!!

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