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Tent in keycamp, la garangeoire - help needed for 1st timers!!

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scratchet Tue 09-Jun-09 16:27:21

Hi everyone, we have booked to stay in a tent on a keycamp resort in august and am hoping for some general advice and tips please. we have never done anything like this before, always done package holidays in the past. I was wondering what kind of things i need to take, travelling with dh, ds(9) and dd(4.5) and i will be 26weeks pregnant! Obviously i am praying for sun but if not, what kind of things are there to do/see? Am also very worried about getting there as we are driving from calais to the vendee then on to eurodisney on the 7th day for 3 nights. Am wondering if i have been over ambitious for beginners! All help greatly appreciated

GrapefruitMoon Tue 09-Jun-09 16:39:27

I have stayed at that campsite and there is plenty to do on the site itself - swimming pools, horse-riding, cycling, boating on the lake (which is free), fishing, walking ( obv all these are for your dh and dcs while you relax!) There is a kids club run by the campsite though Keycamp will probably have one too. The restaurant on the site is very good if you want to splash out and there is also a take-away if you don't feel like cooking any night.

We mostly just went to the beach apart from that but did go to Apremont one day which has a large lake you can swim in.

There is a theme park called Puy de Fou nearby which is supposed to be good - we would probably give it a go if we went again. Do a search in the MN archives for "Vendee" and you will get lots more tips on places to go for days out.

In terms of what to take, think there was a recent thread along those lines... have only stayed in a mobile home myself so don't know what is provided in the tents...

If you are travelling during the summer holidays it might be worth taking a picnic for the journey both ways as the service stations can get very busy (they seem to get busier as you get further south).

TBCoalman Tue 09-Jun-09 16:40:55

You will have a great time!

I reccomend packing your stuff in laundry/ikea bags rather than suitcases to save space in the tent/car.

This site is good for route planning. Don't forget change for tolls. Do you have a travel DVD player, or can you borrow one?

Don't forget a torch for toilet trips.

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