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Stupid trailer tent questions!

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chipmonkey Mon 08-Jun-09 20:50:56

1/ Why is it OK to cook inside a trailer tent but not a regular tent?
2/ I assume your car should be fitted with a tow-bar before you get the tent and the tow-bar is not something you get as part of the package? Asking this because a trailer tent came up on my local freecycle and I couldn't respond as I was fairly sure we had no way of towing it away! And it would have been such a great thing to get for nothing!

ZoeC Tue 09-Jun-09 12:50:49

To question 2, yes you will need a towbar on your car. There are mobile towbar fitters though - I had one fitted on Friday, he came to the house and it took just over an hour.

Don't know about question one, although with any tent any indoor cooking would have to be done with extreme caution as I expect even a trailer tent will ignite.

chipmonkey Tue 09-Jun-09 21:08:16

Thanks Zoe! I couldn't see any reference to tow bars but figured you couldn't attach the trailer to the exhaust pipe!grin

I just noticed that a lot of the trailer tents like this one have a little kitchen unit set up in the tent itself which I thought was a no-no. Having said that, I do remember my own Mum cooking inside our tent with a regular gas cylinder but then we were also allowed to rattle around the back seat of the car with no carseats or seatbelts so I thought it was maybe one of those newfangled safety rules!

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