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so what would i need, other than a tent to start with

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misdee Sun 07-Jun-09 20:31:47

i want to go camping next year. not possible this yr, and am going to take advantage of the camping sales soon.

Slubberdegullion Sun 07-Jun-09 20:58:02

Hi misdee smile
(in order of importance imo)

Cork screw


Something to sleep in

Something to sleep on (air bed or self inflating mat)


Camping Stove, saucepans, few plates, bowls cutlery etc




Slubberdegullion Sun 07-Jun-09 21:00:22

Plastic backed rugs are v good (you can take those instead of chairs/table if you are happy to sit on the floor)

Oh and boxes. Boxes with lids. Collapsible boxes. Boxes within boxes. grin

misdee Sun 07-Jun-09 21:14:22

lol @ corkscrew. i dont drink. but would need a bottle opener for my j20

can u recommend any airbeds? space is limited.

how much do sites charge on average for summer holiday camping?

DeepGoat Sun 07-Jun-09 21:15:52

get a cheapo tent and borrow everything else. you might hate it.

misdee Sun 07-Jun-09 21:17:27

i love camping.

we used to go all the time as kids.

DeepGoat Sun 07-Jun-09 21:28:02

ok as you were!

misdee Sun 07-Jun-09 21:31:00


its dh who isnt so sure.

do all airbeds go down?

FlappytheBat Sun 07-Jun-09 21:34:49

IME, yes they do!

spent one very uncomfortable night on the ground after our airbed rapidly deflated at 2am last week.

Still hasn't put me off camping though, as absolutely love it. Now have the perfect excuse to buy some Fat Airicsgrin

Slubberdegullion Sun 07-Jun-09 21:37:52

I'm not an airbed fan (I hate the sensation) so cannot advise sorry. We use self inflating mats. Lots on the market at varying prices. Fat airics are the mn mat of choice atm grin

DeepGoat Sun 07-Jun-09 22:04:12

we had an airbed that we used merrily for 3 summers before it deflated. airbeds get the vote from me. you do have to put a big fleece blanket on top or else you freeze.

misdee Sun 07-Jun-09 22:06:53

self inflating mats? blimey, never had those in my day wink

which pack down smaller? airics or airbeds?

goingtohaveagoodnightssleep Mon 08-Jun-09 11:21:17

We went camping for ther first time a couple of weeks ago. We took -

Sleeping bags
roll mats for me and dp (kids slept happily on the ground)
single burner stove
plates etc

For our next trip I will take something more comfy to sleep on and really warm clothes as it was freezing at night!

For our first trip we went to a local cheap and very basic site which charged £3 per adult and £1 per child.
In august we are going to Norfolk and that will be £17.50 per night.

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