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Calling all caravanners, tips on what to buy to kit out a caravan, gadgets etc, ideas please :)

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Spotsanddots Sat 06-Jun-09 08:19:20

Hello! We have just bought ourselves a 5 berth Bailey Pageant Caravan and i need to kit it out with basically everything. Any tips please on items that are useful, light to carry small etc.
We are new to this so would love to hear from experienced caravanners. Do you take quilts to sleep in, or sleeping bags? Travel kettle or small normal kettle? Any gadgets that are useful? Would love to hear any tips, hints too.

blowbroth Sat 06-Jun-09 15:48:41

Hi Spotsanddots!Welcome to the world of caravanning! I may not be the best to offer advice as we always travel very light but an electric heater is usful. Though our caravan is quite old and your built in heater may be more efficient than ours.
One thing we would not be without is a bucket for the waste water instead of an expensive proper waste wheelie thing. The bucket can be used for washing down the van or anything. good for storing stuff in too.
We sleep in duvets. All our plates/mugs/glasses etc are plastic . If you are buying a kettle look out for low wattage one. You can get them in camping shops.
We have a rule never to travel with stuff on the floor of the van so that when you stop and pitch you can get straight in without having to clear the way first. Hope you enjoy it!

QOD Sat 06-Jun-09 15:51:46

tin opener! that lives in the caravan

mysterymachine Sat 06-Jun-09 18:00:11

We used sleeping bags as they can be rolled up for storage.
Have your toiletries that stay in van so you don't forget some
Plastic plates etc

QOD Sat 06-Jun-09 21:20:21

yeah oh an a stack of cheapie paper plates for messy meals, also, disposable barbies (£1 in the pound shop)
designate a cupboard as a games cupboard, collect up small board games, free mini mcdonalds ones etc, cards, pens paper etc, special for caravan use
caravan shops sell little things like coat hooks that you clip to the awning poles, then you can hang coats up out there, collapsible box for shoes by the door in awning
try to build up a stock of tins & snacks to keep in there for quick & easy meals
bottle water - and empties so you can use bottles and refill for kettle use, but fresh water (bottled I mean) for squash etc
a radio
hot & cold fan heater

welshdeb Sat 06-Jun-09 22:29:57

Cadac out door cooker.
Get a set of cutlery and utensils to keep in caravan.
Spare toiletries to keep in caravan.
Sleeping bags are better than duvets as they are easier to store.
I bought some cheap fleece throws, in the day they cover up the upholstery and in the night blankets if you need them.
Take care buying special caravan stuff, but I would say buy a caravan kettle. These are low voltage and are good on a site with low electrical supply.
Folding storage boxes good for packing items you can't leave loose and fold down when not in use. Also good for taking washing up to sinks.
Big Blue IkEA bags whih we use to pack our clothes and shoes etc in. Don't take up much space when empty and can double up as laundry bags, beach bags shower bags, etc.
Set of small plastic chopping boards, put them under the legs when you pitch up.
We dont use the hanging space in the wardrobe, and bought a plastic set of drawers instead.
Don't rush to buy loads of things have a good nose around the other caravanners when you go on your next trip. Most people are really helpful and will tell you all about their various bits and pieces.

GoingLoopy Sat 06-Jun-09 23:11:47

outdoor grill or cooker. we don't cook inside unless we have to.

Why plastic plates? we have proper glasses and plates, they are heavier but dont seem to break while we are travelling.

big bucket with handle to carry washing up in.

Bike rack you can fit to the caravan.

HAve fun!

Spotsanddots Mon 08-Jun-09 14:00:03

Thanks everyone, we are novices and really appreciate your advice, cant wait to get going now !

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