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I need a new family tent - what would you recommend?

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flame17 Mon 01-Jun-09 18:00:03

We have had a Diablo 600 for the last few years but after our last trip this week we have decided it's time for a change. It's just past it's best now.

But I have no idea what for.
I have liked the Diablo, I like the tunnel that can be used for cooking away from the elements and still having a lovely big living area. However I would like more light in the tent, the diablo aways seemed dark. It was the 2002/2003 model.

I like the look of the tunnel tents (easier to fit on pitches)but fear they won't stand up to high winds. And the porches never seem to be enclosed.

A SIG is a must, I'm not good with bugs!Straight forward,easy and quick to put up.
It would be for 2 adults, 2 children and a dog!

Any Suggestions?

tinateaspoon Mon 01-Jun-09 20:02:22

How much is your budget?

We have an Outwell Idaho XL as our family tent for two adults, two children and a dog. It is a monster though so we only really use it for longer trips, rather than weekends. It is great though with lots of useful space, two spacious bedrooms both with their own dressing area and wardrobe rails, the living area is huge and the porch is a good size and is enclosed. Once up it is very sturdy and there are windows both sides so it is quite light. The HH is 5000 and it has a SIG.

The downsides are its too big for some pitches and takes a bit of practice to get it up quickly. Packing it back in the bag is tricky too until you have mastered it. It is also quite heavy and the pole bag is heavy. They do a smaller version, the Idaho L. If you want a big family tent then it is really good - check out the reviews on UK Campsite which swung it for us.

Sorry have just re read your post, this might not be the straight forward, easy and quick to put up tent you are after, but believe me when its up its worth it, and it does get easier. I suppose that is the downside for having space grin.

We have just bought an Indian Lake (am very proud of it grin) for shorter trips. It's polycotton so very lovely and it is quick to put up and has enough room for all of us. It is a bit dark though (which I like tbh) and the living area is smallish (room for a table and two chairs) and the porch is small, but enclosed. It was quite pricey but with the Family tent website you get a free carpet and footprint groundsheet. Its quite a funky design though, which isnt for everyone!

Sorry I seem to have rambled, hope I don't sound like a tent snob, I just wanted to share what we had in case it helps at all.
Good luck in your search smile

flame17 Mon 01-Jun-09 21:20:20

Thanks for your reply. I like the look of the Idaho, but think the L would be sufficient in size for us. However, it's a bit more than I wanted to pay, I was thinking more around £300 mark.
Your Indian Lake looks very cool grin
I was just looking at the newer Diablo's and they seem to have improved the windows. It would also save on buying a footprint and carpet!
I am still drawn to those tunnel tents though hmm

VanillaPumpkin Mon 01-Jun-09 21:22:30

I love my Vango Tigris 800.

mzmum Mon 01-Jun-09 22:15:53

Royal Winnipeg - polycotton tunnel tent, just huge. Feels far more spacious than the Outwell equivalents. Put ours up for the first time last weekend, very very pleased, can't wait to spend 2 weeks in it! Also, a lot easier to put up than we imagined (we're complete novices). No reviews yet as so new but we love it. Bit pricey mind but on offer at Intertent.

blithedance Mon 01-Jun-09 23:24:55

Last year we camped next to a Royal Avignon tunnel tent 6 berth IIRC). It stood up much better to the weather than our hopeless dome tent, and was ma-hoo-sive inside. Because the beds are all one end you get a big light living area and canopy.
Kind of a poor man's Bear Lake...

When I asked this question a few months ago there were recommendations for an Outwell Montana - could you stretch to that?

tinateaspoon Tue 02-Jun-09 20:11:38

Hi Flame have just checked the Idaho L prices and they have gone up a lot sad we got our XL for £280 at the end of last season which seems a real bargain now.

Have looked at the Diablo and it does look very nice. this seems to be a good offer? There's so much to choose from isn't there?

here is the Monty with 360 degree tour, it looks very light inside. Am a real Outwell fan - sorry!

flame17 Tue 02-Jun-09 22:46:10

I'm just going round in circles!!! I still like the Idaho and now I have seen the arkansas and like that, but that's out of my range too!
I keep going back to the diablo, better the devil you know and all that and I have the carpet and footprint already. We also have a large Vango canopy but I suppose I could sell all that.

We also have an Icarus for weekends with carpet and fooprint, if I sold it all I could get one to do all the jobs, but thats probably impossible.
I'm just rambling now hmm

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