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sallystrawberry wants to know about pop up tents (again) please

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supersalstrawberry Sun 31-May-09 17:53:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

letsgostrawberrypicking Sun 31-May-09 18:21:12

must be something to do with strawberries grin as i want to know too!

Bumping for you- and lurking!!

ellingwoman Sun 31-May-09 18:25:50

We've got one of these Gelert pop-up tents

You just throw it up in the air and it's up. Just a bit of pegging to do. Dd1 sleeps in it, can't remember if there would room for two airbeds. She just sleeps on a mat.

dobby2001 Sun 31-May-09 20:49:37

Decathlon do a fantastic range - their 2009 series even includes a 4 berth with day area

notsoteenagemum Sun 31-May-09 21:20:48

We borrowed one of those Gelert ones for festival camping, they are really quick to put up. We were drinking while our friends were still erectinggrin
It was a bit of a squish, but dh is 6'4! We had an air bed each in there and all our stuff. The getting dressed was a pita but wouldn't be so much of a a prob in nice weather.
Ours was only one skin so it did get a bit damp in the torrential rain, but I see you can get double skins for not much more cost.

Lucycat Tue 02-Jun-09 16:34:19

2 x Decathlon 3 second XL - will easily fit a double airbed in, decent little porch, fatastically easy to put up (and 'close' when you get the knack)

Love 'em. You can get them on ebay too.

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