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Has anyone been to Manor Farm near Cromer

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tinateaspoon Sat 30-May-09 21:28:23


Just wondering what it's like. We have booked 9 nights in June and will be our longest trip to date. We love Norfolk, just hope the site is a quiet one!

troutpout Sun 31-May-09 15:07:12

yes..i have

Overall impression was it was ^quite good^.Very busy at weekends and facilities struggled a bit. The toilet/shower block on the lower (mainly tourer) field (Gurney field?...something like that) were much cleaner (really clean actually) and didn't suffer so much at the weekend.We stayed for a full week and it was a much much nicer place once the weekenders had gone home.
No sign of presence could have done with it at times.

Are you going ehu ? it seemed easier to choose a good spot away from people / windy ridges if you don't tbh. It was very windy when we went.

Still...It makes up for all this by it's great location and sea views all around...and it's a great base.Norfolk is lovely isn't it? smile

Would recommend seeing the seals off morston quay if you haven't already.

troutpout Sun 31-May-09 18:09:49

Going to have ehu

bert74 Sun 31-May-09 21:34:09

We went over the last bank holiday and although it was VERY busy, we still had a great time, the showers on 'molls meadow' were lovely and clean but we did have to queue and I got there at 8.30 and my shower was cold!! No facilities for recycling and not enogh bins, but having said all that, we would def go back!!

FeelingOld Sun 31-May-09 22:40:34

I have been too, lovely location, walkable into cromer using the short cut. Only problem while we were there was that it was very windy weather and the campsite is high up and we found it a struggle to pitch the tent but some kind neighbours gave us a hand. We stayed for a week and facilities were ok.

Agree about never seeing the owners once we had paid, didnt see any patrols by them at all, only saw the cleaner.

zanz1bar Mon 01-Jun-09 10:37:19

Wow didn't realize 'molls meadow' was MNetters central.

I too have just returned from the half term week, we were the rowdy lot kids and bikes at the top of the ridge.
I was the woman hobbling along as I sprained my ankle on day one, but still had a great time.

Agree when its v, busy(weekends)the hot water runs out, but the shower blocks very, very clean.

It can get very windy our friends tent ripped up the guy ropes(?) but the views from the top of the hill are fantastic, seaviews all around.
sheep/lambs/cows in fields around.

5 mins walk to supermarket and yet you feeel like you are in deep countryside.

Loads to see along the coast. East Runton beach lots of rock pools. Bizarre zoo with only South american animals in cromer.
Steam train rides and an UNFORGETTABLE 3 hours at the Muckleburgh Tank Museum(yawn, yawn, yawn but it was raining and its all under cover, the Y chromosomes loved it)

Moll meadow is the dog field, and not as busy as the other fields. All dogs very well behaved and owners all seemed very careful with dog mess, field was always clear and clean.

Hope none of you where the Aircraft hanger size tent next to us with 2xadults and 1xtoddler, we worked out we could fit our tent inside 3x over. The biggest tent i have ever seen it must have an echo.Crazy for 1xtoddler, but as they never/ever left the tent to see daylight wonder if it was a compromise for a caravan.
Bit catty, sorry.

runningmonkey Mon 01-Jun-09 11:14:56

We've been here 3 times, all good one of which was a bank hol and was busy - we were there just after last year's easter weekend when it snowed!! I suspect if your non school hols you should be ok but if the weather is nice as others have said the weekend could be busy. Never had a problem with rowdyness (sp?) and have camped in both fields. Again as others have said the ridge in Molls meadow was windy but the views made up for it (and we were in a campervan so ok

Echo the comments re super clean facilities and if you time it right (ie not between 8 and 9.30am) to get a shower you should be ok.

Really quick to walk/bike into cromer and there is a supermarket 5mins away that has recycling facilities so we just took our many empties there on the last day as we were packing up. There's a lovely coast walk east along the seafront along the royal cromer golfcourse which ends up in a village (Overstrand I think) with a fabulous cafe that did brilliant treacle sponge and custard and had seaviews!

Would definitley go again. Hope you enjoy your holiday!

tinateaspoon Mon 01-Jun-09 20:13:36

Thanks, it sounds like it is a good site, if a bit busy at weekends. I do like the sound of spotless showers! My DH is from Norfolk so he had warned me of the wind and we have a sturdy windbreak at the ready. We are in Molls Meadow as have the dog with us, so there may be other MNer's around. Is there a secret sign to acknowledge each other with???

Am so looking forward to it, just fingers crossed for the weather wink

bert74 Mon 01-Jun-09 21:48:35

We pitched our tent in the very corner of 'Molls meadow' as you enter from 'co-op', its very sheltered from the wind down there.

Millarkie Sun 19-Jul-09 10:15:02

Am bumping this thread to get some reassurance. We have booked a week at Manor Farm from next Monday. I emailed to get the booking and sent a cheque to confirm but I have had no confirmation in reply. Tried ringing but the person who answered the phone was not part of the camping people (sounded like a visiting gran?)
Can someone reassure me that they didn't get their booking confirmed but they still had a pitch? Please!

ihatethecold Sun 19-Jul-09 14:45:18

it was the worst campsite i have ever ever stayed on, .sorry

ihatethecold Sun 19-Jul-09 14:47:48

sorry wrong site i think i mean breck farm

Millarkie Sun 19-Jul-09 18:03:03


petunia Sun 19-Jul-09 20:55:46

We came back from a week at Manor Farm yesterday!

It wasn't the best camping experience I've had but would describe it as OK. The pluses are that the seaviews are great and it has a wonderful playground for the children. The not so great bits were that our tent became 'Earwig Central' (I loathe the little beasties!) and it did get really windy- we had a thunderstorm Friday morning, immediately followed by storm force winds when I thought it would be the end of our tent. And then 1am yesterday morning, the wind got up again and that lasted 'til 10am, when we were trying to put the tent away. Despite this, there was no sign of the owners. After the storm on Friday, everyone was out with their torches at 2.30am checking their tents were OK; it was that bad. Seeing the owners driving around when it got light would have been nice.

I found the showers OK, clean but a bit basic. Although they're free, they're 'timed', so some showers gave 7 seconds (I counted!), and others gave 30 seconds worth of hot water before stopping.

(Millarkie, I think I know the person you mean and it was possibly the elderly father/FIL of the owner. DH spoke to him to say that due to illness, we were arriving a day later than we'd booked, and we're not sure the message got through! DH says he did get the booking confirmed when he booked, so you might want to try contacting them again.)

Millarkie Sun 19-Jul-09 22:44:53

Thanks, I'll give them a ring again tomorrow I guess and hope I get someone sensible to answer the phone! OMG at the storms/wind though! We have agreed that if the weather looks dodgy we're coming home, I'm not about to brave thunderstorms if I can help it

petunia Sun 19-Jul-09 23:06:52

Hope you manage to get it all confirmed and that you have a storm/wind-free holiday!

goingtohaveagoodnightssleep Mon 20-Jul-09 14:57:45

We are booked i thier in August and haven't recieved a confirmation, I assume if the checks been cashed we have our place!

yummy82 Mon 20-Jul-09 22:23:26

We've got a booking with manor farm from saturday for 7 nights. Not been before, also not been camping before lady who I spoke to was very nice and helpful on the phone, didn't have to pay deposit, hope we've got a booking lol. My Friend has stayed at this site and said it was lovely.
Getting a bit scared about all this talk of windy weather but I've said if it's really bad we'll just come home....We'll be the ones with the husband chucking his toys out of his pram and the hyperactive 2 and 4 year old running around.


Millarkie Tue 21-Jul-09 17:54:33

Hi Yummy - we'll be the ones with the children with unfeasible names and the hideous car They've cashed our cheque, haven't got through on the phone but am assuming we have a booking.

yummy82 Tue 21-Jul-09 19:18:56

I'm sure it will be fine Millarkie, Have you tried ringing first thing in the morning to check? think the receptionopens at 9am. I am intrigued by the unfeasable names. We have very loud children - boy and girl so you will no doubt see us they are like fog horns! :-)

tinateaspoon Tue 21-Jul-09 22:05:29

We had a lovely time there in June smile no confirmation of booking but it was fine. We were in Molls Meadow and the facilities were lovely, but did get a bit busy at the weekend. Even though it was busy it is one of the quietest sites we have stayed on at night.

All in all it was lovely, but there is a scaryish warden patrolling on his bike, reassuring for some maybe but I thought he was a bit nosey!! We were troubled by earwigs too, but thats the great outdoors for you.

A really lovely site hope you enjoy your break.

petunia Tue 21-Jul-09 22:49:18

I thought that 'scary bloke' on the bike was just a friendly camper/caravanner! It was DH who said (after I posted about the thunderstorm/high winds we had and there being no sign of the owners checking if we were OK), that he was somebody to do with the site!

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