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Please help me decide on a new tent.

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Right, after this week I've decided that I need a new tent. After lending our Outwell Colorado out to friends for a weekend last summer it has 2 holes in the roof and is mouldy. angry

I'm trying to look on the positive side though, that seeign as DH hardly comes away with s anymore I really do need somethign that is easier for me to pitch and put down by myself. My back is killing me after taking it down today! So most of the time is just me and DD. DH will sometimes come for a weekend, but never a whole week.

I need a tent with standing up headroom. I love the living space in the Colorado and don't want to comprimise on that too much but realise we're probably going to have to. I definetly don't need all the bedroom space we currently have. I like Outwell quality but if someone can recommend another good brand then I'm open to ideas.

Another thing - I just got an Outwell Universal Side Canopy last week and loved t when we used it the last few days. It says it fits most tunnel tents, so if I can find something it will fit then that would be fab.

I like the look of the Outwell Utah 4, anyone got that?


tinateaspoon Sat 30-May-09 22:25:10

Sorry to hear about your Colorado's demise. I haven't got the Utah 4 but it does look nice, but a bit tricky to put up on your own maybe. What about an Outwell Nevada M, that looks a bit easier to put up, still has a nice bit of living space and with your side canopy should be OK. We have a Kansas 5 for short trips which I can put up on my own fairly easily, but it has no living space to speak of, so the Nevada looks the closest with living space. Anything that is not too big and has light poles with ring and pin should be OK to put up on your own. Anything with steel poles would be too tricky IMO. I suffer with my back too.

Hope you find what you are after smile. I am an Outwell fan too, so I don't know about other makes.

VanillaPumpkin Sun 31-May-09 13:07:18

I could be wrong but I don't think the Nevada M can take a canopy. The Nevada L can though.
We have the Vango Tigris 800 and I love it! Probably too big for you now though but they do a Tigris 600 or the Orchy 500 that might well take your canopy. From what I read the Vangos are nearly as good as the Outwells and seem to be a much better price. The Outwell tent we wanted was over twice as much as the Vango we liked so it was not a hard choice for us in the end.

muffle Sun 31-May-09 13:11:33

I know not everyone likes coleman but I love our coleman galileo L - it is big (sleeps 6-8) but if they do a smaller version I'd recommend them. It is very easy to put up even for one person as it's a very simple system - no crossing poles and the poles are metal not plastic so you don't have that horrendous endless threading scenario.

Also pretty good quality, good rain resistance etc and nicely designed - has loads of little pockets and useful dangly bits, multiple door/window options etc.

muffle Sun 31-May-09 13:13:35

this is ours (basic sleeping capacity is 4 but you can add extra rooms)

muffle Sun 31-May-09 13:15:18

one possible option

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