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Back early after noisy overcrowded campsite

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OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 29-May-09 19:55:28

hmpffff. Just a quick moan. We booked onto what we thought was supposed to be a quiet secluded campsite. Joined the camping and caravan club specifically to have quieter nights.

Ended up having a huge party (16 people?) squooshed against us with little kids running in and out around our tent, around our bbq, constantly tripping up over our guy ropes and queueing up to kick their ball against our tent hmm Group exceptionally noisy til after midnight then another groups kids were playing outside at 5:30am.

Campsite was overcrowded and 2 loos (with washing facilities integral so that if someone had a shower the loo was tied up forever) 20 minute wait for first wee of morning made me a very grumpy lady.

I know I am getting old and bah humbugy but some people do like sleep at night and to get away from it all. Just call me Victor Meldrew.

iMum Fri 29-May-09 19:56:59

Sounds like the camping disaster we had at Mersea

smugmumofboys Fri 29-May-09 19:57:01

Name and shame!

Poor you. It sounds grim.

MaureenMLove Fri 29-May-09 20:00:31

Oh no! Poor you! sad It is a bit antisocial to be partying until that time of night.

Does DD or DH like a spot of fishing? If so try this one. Really quiet, really pretty and only about 30 pitches I think. Good position for getting into Norfolk and not that far away really.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 29-May-09 20:04:13

I'm a bit scared to in case it was a bunch of mners camped next to us grin

I am going to put in a stiff complaint to Camping and caravan club though cos there was no sign of anyone who worked there apart from when we phoned on arrival to complain that the orginal pitch we had meant we couldnt be 6m away from the next tent. Should have taken that as a bad sign as the ones who camped up next to us were between 3-4m away. They had 3 tents all on one pitch.

even dd wanted to come home poor kid. Shes been weepy half the day from exhaustion.

spokette Fri 29-May-09 20:04:53

I sympathise. Unfortunately, this seems to becoming more common as more people discover the joys of camping. Unfortunately, some of them seem to think that they are the only ones on the campsite and can therefore do as they please as well as eschew responsibility for their off-spring.hmm

We always choose campsites with no club house and with no pubs nearby. We also take earplugs - they are a compulsory when camping.

The place we stayed at this bank holiday claimed to be very quiet and peaceful but unfortunately, there were three large groups who appeared to be unaware of this. I did have a word with the owner who apologised but also said that she cannot turn business down. Fair enough but what about asking campers to adhere to the rules about no noise after 10.30pm or wayward children not respecting the privacy and pitch of other campers?

If owners do not enforce the rules, I personally do not return to that particular campsite.

Goober Fri 29-May-09 20:05:09

Where was is kitten?

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 29-May-09 20:05:44

Mo - that looks like heaven. I'm going to bookmark it!

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 29-May-09 20:11:03

Goober - was in Sway, edge of New Forest.

Spokette - thats exactly how I feel. I just didnt get how their kids were being sent away from their tents so they just played round ours. Sorry that you got disturbed too.

Goober Fri 29-May-09 20:12:13

This one is a couple of hundred yards from my house. My DS1 works there.

MaureenMLove Fri 29-May-09 20:15:01

Oh Goober that looks good! DH would love that one, if he can have a Ray Meers stylee campfire! grin I'll bookmark that one, if I may and let you know when to put the kettle on! grin

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 29-May-09 20:15:53

That looks lovely too Goober. We would love the woodland bit. All dd wants to do is climb trees and make dens.

Its funny cos we often go to Hollands wood which is incredibly noisy sometimes but usually you do at least get space around you and you get all the ponies come on site. We deliberatly avoided it as I really need a bit of peace and quiet atm.

But we did get to go crabbing in Lymington today I caught 4 crabs. Am well chuffed with myself.

pavlovthecat Fri 29-May-09 20:18:38

Never choose a campsite with pubs, clubs or any kind of social life close by! We camp as rustically as possible, farmers field type camping, where the only people there are the ones who actually want to go down to the local beach early and surf, or kayak or whatever so staying up late is not on the agenda. The last one we went to last weekend, you are only allowed to pitch your tents around the perimeters of the 3 fields there, which gives a HUGE amount of space for the kids to play, run and be noisy. And because there are no facilities apart from a shower block and toilets, only the hardened campers are there, so it is not overcrowded, plenty of space to pitch. And we were allowed a fire pit if we wanted one, and supplied out own logs etc. Of course there were some noisy people, but they were not noisy all night, just til midnight or so, and you get that anywhere you camp unless you go and camp on the Moors or in woodland, where there will be no-one until the ramblers and dog walkers walk past in the morning! (which we did pre-DD, with firepits etc).

I am sorry you had such an awful experience, don't let it put you off!

Goober Fri 29-May-09 20:18:59

Sorry Mo, I will be out that day!! grin
Love you!

Seriously, they are packed this week. DS1 has been there every day from 9-9, they look after him and feed him. His paypacket is going to be HUUUUGE.

EccentricaGallumbits Fri 29-May-09 20:19:26

Goober. that site looks brilliant. I rather fancythe alien weekend

TheBolter Fri 29-May-09 20:20:03

Oh you poor thing. I personally hate camping when it comes to noisy inconsiderate campers.

Maureen and Goober I love the look of your sites, thanks for sharing them! I'm longing to visit East Anglia, although it's a fair old trek from here.

TheBolter Fri 29-May-09 20:20:21

Oh you poor thing. I personally hate camping when it comes to noisy inconsiderate campers.

Maureen and Goober I love the look of your sites, thanks for sharing them! I'm longing to visit East Anglia, although it's a fair old trek from here.

sarah293 Fri 29-May-09 20:20:40

Message withdrawn

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 29-May-09 20:24:10

pavlov - don't worry, we go 3-4 times a year. We never go for ones with pubs etc either. Your campsite sounds pretty fab

Went to Mendip heights in Cheddar at Easter. Now that was lovely and quiet (if rather stormy!) And they do freshly baked pastries every morning.

Best one for quiet was one in the Alps last year. Large campsite, full of earnest Dutch playing badminton but as dusk settled everyone whispered and went to bed. Must have been the fresh mountain air!!!

Must start a thread on midge repellants - just realising I'm covered in bites!

pavlovthecat Fri 29-May-09 20:24:49

In fact, if your DD just wants to climb trees, why not 'rough it'? Then you get all the peace and quiet in the world and you can gaze at the stars when DD is asleep, watch the wind blow through the trees against the dark sky, listen to the animals. And you won't have to wait for 20 mins for a morning pee!

It is not that difficult if you plan it. You need to ensure you have running water (stream, or river, if not clear stream take water to drink/cook, use river to wash, if stream drinkable, take water purification tablets) and take with you hand gel for regular cleaning too.

We used to go to some wonderful places on Dartmoor - one where there was a source of water that flowed down through rocks, which was crystal clear and drinkable. On a plateau covered in trees, sheltered by rocky face so not exposed at all, sheep around us. Another place, we were right by a river, with steppings stones to jump across and a hidden 'pool' round the corner. 7am in the morning, jumping off the swinging rope left by some-one into a clear, cold deep pool - fantastic!

TheBolter Fri 29-May-09 20:25:17

Hmm. Pavlov, we visited a very remote one in Wales once which isn't advertised - you have to know where it is via word of mouth. Due to the set up of the place there's no one to police it at night - the farmer lives in his house on other side of the valley. So unfortunately we were haunted by a group of noisy (but nice) lads on a stag do and another couple shagging in their camper to a loud stereo. (We know they were at it because DH went over to politely ask them to turn their stereo down blush.)

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 29-May-09 20:26:20

It is a shame riven

We did meet a lovely group too - a largeish group with a really really nice dog. They were lovely, friendly people who clearly were enjoying life with out inflicting it on everyone.

pavlovthecat Fri 29-May-09 20:28:51

bolter did you surprise them? grin

I only go to non-advertised ones, too. Word of mouth is best so that they are not swamped. But you are right that it is better if the farm is on site at least, so they can keep an eye on things just in case you need them. I had not considered that, but then, I have only recently started using campsites.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 29-May-09 20:29:33

pavlov - that sounds amazing. Exactly our perfect kind of thing. I didn't know you were allowed to do it. Complete heaven. Sometimes I contemplate taking down my sleeping bag to the local woods. But then realise it would be a bit nutterish of me.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 29-May-09 20:31:14

pavlov is right!... you can wild camp What a revelation.

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