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Outwell Colorado 7 vs Hartford XL and q's

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Gravitygirl Wed 20-May-09 20:05:18

Been to a fab place today to look at tents and came away thinking that the colorado 7 is the one for us.

We are a family of four (dd 3 and ds 18 months) but we are going on hols with grandparents this year. So was thinking that the versatility of the extra cabin was a great idea for the extra sleeping room, and when its just us we will have more floor space.....

But am thinking that maybe the hartford xl would be a good option now as it has more floor space and that the kids will have more room to play inside if need be?

I was wondering if those of you that have the h xl have a problem with pitch size? and dont want to be limited because of tent size, is it something you have ever come across?


Oh and one more tip, how do I convince DH that its worth spending more than just getting a cheapo tent from blacks or the like?

Wilts Wed 20-May-09 20:15:42

I have a Hartford Xl and have only used it twice blush.

Once at a Haven blush site, after I booked it they tried to tell me I should pay a double pitch fee, but I managed to get out of it

Second time on a farm site, they didn't even ask about the size of it.

I have to say although I thought it looked huge when we put it up in our country park for a trial run grin, it certainly didn't stand out as being the biggest tent on either site.

Like you we are also a family of four and having a third pod was brilliant. First time both boys had a pod each, ds2 in a travel cot. Second time they were older, so shared one room and we filled the other with rubbish luggage.

Gravitygirl Wed 20-May-09 20:52:00

How did you get out of paying the double fee? Did they just come along after you had put it up and tell you that?

Your not looking to sell yours are you? lol

Wilts Wed 20-May-09 20:57:20

It was something to do with the information on the website and then the info they sent with the booking confirmation, it didn't match so got out of it that way

I can't sell mine, it is sitting in my loft waiting for me to be brave enough to use it again!

But if you live near Swindon you are more than welcome to borrow it for a test run before purchasing one if you want.

Gravitygirl Wed 10-Jun-09 08:39:12


Totally forgot that I had written this, thanks so much for the kind offer though. We have bought a totally different tent now lol.

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