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Good campsite for beginners - Surrey or neighbouring counties?

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Smithagain Sat 16-May-09 20:35:35

Have promised the kids this is the year we will try camping. I camped as a child, but not since. DH was more of a campervan chap, but willing to give it a go.

Any recommendations for a campsite with enough facilities to make life reasonably easy, either in Surrey or a neighbouring county? (In other words, we live in Surrey, and want to be able to shoot home for some respite if it turns out we hate it grin.)

Essentials: showers, loos, child-friendly. Preferably with some trees/woodland. I have visions of kicking about in the woods with the kids and don't fancy an open field.

Overmydeadbody Sat 16-May-09 20:37:25

Does the campsite have to have trees/woodland or are you willing to venture off-site?grin

Most actual camping areas will be fields.

If all you want in facilities are loos and showers than any campsites will do really.

Smithagain Sat 16-May-09 20:40:36

Am hankering over trees on site (idyllic visions of kids mucking about in woods with DH while I laze around in the tent ... [grin}) But it's a nice-to-have, not an essential, I guess.

(There are, of course, plenty of trees in Surrey, most of which we can reach from our own home, so I should probably get a bit more rational about it!)

wohmum Tue 02-Jun-09 23:25:18

we went to hurley riverside nr maidenhead in berkshire this weekend and loved it.

it's only 1/2 hour from home and we were reallly impressed - massive site, but seperated into smaller fields so small site feel to it, great showers (newly refurbished), bunnies hopping around the tents in early morn', shop very basic, but supermarkets easy to get to (stock up nefore you get here so you don't need to drive anywhere!) , lovely thames-side walks and paddling for the DCs.

it was great to have a proper weekend camping withour 3 hours drive to get home.

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