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Park Resorts sites - any good?

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BabyValentine Sat 16-May-09 20:13:09

I'd like to spend our Clubcard vouchers on a short break in the UK.

Park Resorts are --the only-- a possibility - preferably in the North East, Yorkshire or Lincolnshire.

Now I am not expecting anything spectacular accommodation-wise, and would actively avoid the entertainment/amusements etc., but I'm still a little apprehensive. We would literally use the place as a base for exploring the area.

Does anyone have any experience of Park Resorts - which were good, which to avoid? It'd be me, DH and DD (18 mo).


CaurnieBred Sun 17-May-09 15:33:11

We have only been to ones on the Isle of Wight and we stayed in a static caravan both times but both sites were well maintained and the facilities seemed fine. And we did go to the entertainment at night - for Sparky's Crew Club - the kids loved it.

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Sun 17-May-09 15:39:00

we did a mystery shopper at one - im sure some are nice and this was a one off but the one we stayed on was horific and im no snob - the caravans some had smashed windows, were off their stilt things and smashed up, youths riding about on trial bikes, dog poo, grafitti, stinking caravan (we were paid for and did not even stay overnight). The one we went was called sandy bay . Dh went to the poo and said changing room stank of pee.

AlderTree Sun 17-May-09 15:49:53

We went to the Carmarthen Bay one in Wales. Its near Kidwelly. DIdn't pay much for an out of season break thank goodness. It was just bearable as a touring base. We had some lovely days out but the actual resort wasn't up to much. Very small children's play area, the pool needed a refurb and I got so fed up with the mailing afterwards that when someone phoned to invite us to a special owners preview 300 miles from where we live I told them never to contact us again. I had already sent a card back to this effect. IMO they are out to do one thing - sell you a static caravan once they get your money the lovely site you were promised goes steadily down hill. I would not do business with them again. Certainly wouldn't want to think I'd got 10 grtand tied up in one of their sites.

LadyOfWaffle Sun 17-May-09 15:55:06

We went to one on the Isle Of Sheppey as a base - was OK, clean etc. We got a mid range caravan and I wouldn't go lower, as it was very basic and quite old itself! Nothing at all like pictures, but we paid £85 for 3 nights so wasn't too fussed. As a base they are OK, but the park was abit crap really, and I do not have high expectations

TitsalinaBumsquash Sun 17-May-09 15:55:08

Were going to the Devon one in Aug, hopefully it will be ok! smile

schmu Sun 17-May-09 15:57:33

went to marlie farm- a park resorts site. it was dire. it was as if they'd rounded up everyone who thought butlins was too posh for them and put them all on one site.

i know that that sounds outrageously snobby, but wanted to give you an accurate picture.

Peachy Sun 17-May-09 19:26:02

We like the Isle of Wight ones, esp.Nodes as there is a good beach /restaurant immediately off the site however didn't like Kessingland at all.

Would definitely recommend- incredibly kind people who go extra ten per cent to help (when DS1 was beiong DX'd amd we were chatting to someone about ds2 havinga rough year and liking Sparky they arrnaged a visit to the caravan just for him which was lovely, then years later they oftered to merge two tents to create a bigger space as we do need a bit more with the boys).

Wholly recommend

ChippyMinton Sun 17-May-09 22:36:33

We have been to Nodes two or three times, but hated Camber Sands and would be reluctant to try any other mainland PR sites.

BabyValentine Mon 18-May-09 20:34:19

mmmm, second thoughts now. I will have to return to the Clubcard website...

Can I bump this? we were planning on going to the Carmarthen one but reading loads of crap reviews - has anyone else been? tia!

Dysgu Sun 28-Jun-09 22:43:34

We went to Lower Hyde in Shanklin Isle of Wight. Had a great time. Wonderful, new mobile home. Very nice site. Didn't use many facilities other than pool and shop but there was lots to do locally.

Have never heard from them to try to buy a static van or anything.

Would definitely go back - but no experience of any mainland sites.

pellmell Sun 28-Jun-09 22:46:56

we have been to bideford bay twice and thought it was great value and a good base for a great seaside holiday.

nikkid21 Mon 29-Jun-09 10:12:22

We went to Carmarthen bay a t half term in a bronze caravan. It's a good, basic site. Didn't use the entertainment or bar as we were with friend and just sat out playing monopoly.
Kids were quite happy with the playground and the beach is good to walk on when the tide goes out.
Don't miss going to pembrey Country park. Best beach I have found in the UK.

Thanks Nikki! Do you mind if I pick your brains a bit on the Carmarthen Bay resort? we would be going in sept/oct and staying in a bronze caravan too.

Firstly, would you recommend the resort to people with an almost 2 yr old? I know it says there's a soft play area and a pool etc, did you see them at all? were they any good? Someone described the scenery as "bleak" too! is it?

Also, what was the caravan itself like? fairly clean if basic? did the tv have freeview? Anything you really liked or disliked about the place?

Thanks for the recommendation about Pembrey Country Park, we were planning on taking ds to Folly Farm, and maybe going to Tenby, too.

nikkid21 Mon 29-Jun-09 14:31:54

This my my honest opinion with a 5 & 7 year old. Sorry if it's harsh but it's better to have your expectations are realistic.

Overall we were happy with paying £250 for the bronze in May half term week. Having been rained out in our tent for the last 2 years we just wanted something warmer & drier than a tent. Don't go expecting luxuries though.

The van was clean, only had 3 telly channels and didn't even have a toaster. The linens & duvet were thin and well used. If we went back I would take my own (esp pillows)

Soft play area - small and stank of smelly feet. Think overused, undercleaned wacky warehouse type place. Als oright next to the arcade machines where the shreiking chav kids met up every day.

Pool - basic, looking rough around the edges but warmish. At nearly 2 yout littlun is probably happy just splasing around so doesn't need the slide & things. Changing rooms and showers are poolside, only 5 changing cubicles and a bit grotty.

Surrounding area - the holiday park is a mile or so down a single lane track so you are the middle of nowhere. Kidwelly the nearest village was empty with a few boarded up empty shops and pubs. The castle is fantasic though for a wander round.

We went to Pembrey a cople of times and cycled the millenium coast path.

For all of the above we had a fantasic time (partly because the weather was good). we would go back again as long as the price was cheap. Basically think of the park as a base rather than somewhere to spend every day and you will be fine.

Any other questions just ask.

Thanks for that, it really helps! We will be paying £40 (newspaper offer) for an off peak midweek break in sept/oct so doesn't sound too bad in light of how much it'd cost. Basic is fine as long as it's clean. If it has regular sockets we could take a few kids dvds and my laptop to play them on for if the weather's not so good. We'll definitely take our own bedding, too.

Is there anything else you'd reccommend us needing to take? do the loo/shower in the vans work ok? Thanks again! x

nikkid21 Mon 29-Jun-09 18:17:35

Loo & shower was fine. The height of the shower head wasn't too bad - i'm 5ft9 and usually have to crouch to wash my hair but didn't here.

We took a plug which meant that we could fill the shower tray with water and give the kids a shallow bath (they don't like showers very much)

Don't foget to take tea towels and toilet roll. Shopping wise there was a big Morrisons on the way into Carmarthen that was good. Nice fryup in the cafe as well grin

Our friend too a dvd player but there were not enough sockets or scart things. 1 of our group had a remote control but the other 2 vans didn't. Those vans can get very cold if we have a cold snap so you may want to take a couple of fleecy blankets to wrap over you in the evening if watching telly.

Hope that helps


pellmell Mon 29-Jun-09 22:10:03

i suggest taking some spare sheets to drape over the glass doors. When your lights are on at night people can see in and they don't seem to have door curtains.

Thanks, both! Hoping it will be good! x

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