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who would like to come and share their campervan expertise, please?

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ReligiousBiscuit Mon 11-May-09 10:32:43

finally persuaded dh that we should go for it! hurrah. we want something medium sized. i love the vw's but realise we have to be more prosaic and would get more for our money on other types.

we wil have to pay for storage as we don't have a drive.

help! where do we start?

ReligiousBiscuit Mon 11-May-09 11:30:20

anyone? i am over excited and need to chat

ReligiousBiscuit Mon 11-May-09 14:56:56


ReligiousBiscuit Mon 11-May-09 18:46:07

where are you all?

Billster Mon 11-May-09 19:59:14

Shows, motorhome monthly magazine, autotrader website, campsite uk website.

If you live in driving distance to Newbury there is a campervan/motohome show this weekend and there will be all sorts there. Also if you try autotrader and out and about there'll be plenty of classifieds on there.

We are coming to the end of our research journey and may wel be buying (or deposit at least) this weekend! eeek!!

ReligiousBiscuit Mon 11-May-09 20:22:10

thanks and good luck with your purchase!

Iggi999 Mon 11-May-09 20:30:10

happy owner of a 1980s VW for about 6 years now. Other people thought I would give it up when baby arrived but no! Though I did wait till he was nearly one before his first trip, but that was more for the weather than anything. Now at 21 months, he absolutely loves the van, regularly plays in it outside the flat, and I feel happy that I'm taking him away in familiar surroundings.
I found a local dealer, they had put it through the MOT and serviced it before I got it. What are any of you looking to buy?

ReligiousBiscuit Mon 11-May-09 22:02:48

we are just starting to look. iggi do you not have alot of maintenence with an older camper?

ReligiousBiscuit Tue 12-May-09 11:44:59

dh is trying to bring me round to the idea of a caravan instead! shock

runningmonkey Tue 12-May-09 12:02:40

you won't regret a campervan!

I only know VW's (have an old 70s one) but if you have your heart set on a VW you can pick up decent 1980's VW's (the boxy ones, they are often called type 25's) for not too much money but they are becoming more collectable and it is almost summer so the prices are a bit more this time of year. If you/DH are handy or willing to learn they are pretty easy to look after too with a Haynes Manual and a bit of elbow grease. This website might help as might the VW type 2 owners club to get a looked after one.

I would also look in your local paper as there are often bargains to be had there.

No matter what type/make you go for probably the best thing to look for are number of owners, the mileage and condition of the engine and bodywork. Condition of the interior is less important as it is fairly easy to recover old bench seats (can do it with fabric and a staple gun) and redo things like curtains. You can also get new foam for seats in the back too. I can give you loads more links and things if you want.

Hope that helps, you can probably tell I am a bit of a fan

runningmonkey Tue 12-May-09 12:08:15

just remembered, this owners club for the 80s Vw's might be a good point of call, my friend used them when they were buying their type 25

ReligiousBiscuit Tue 12-May-09 12:11:53

thanks running monkey. i really want to just get one now! but am realising we should probably do our homework.

link are v. welcome.

hand on heart, do you think the vw things is a case of cuteness over practicality or do you think they are genuinely worth the extra?

NoFurtherQuestions Tue 12-May-09 12:12:17

Message withdrawn

Surfermum Tue 12-May-09 12:12:52

What about a T4? There's pics of ours on my profile.

NoFurtherQuestions Tue 12-May-09 12:13:23

Message withdrawn

NoFurtherQuestions Tue 12-May-09 12:15:17

Message withdrawn

ReligiousBiscuit Tue 12-May-09 12:15:59

i am going to see my bil this weekend and he is the oracle of all things campervan (think lots of magazines) so hopefully he will guide us on our path to enlightenment.

ReligiousBiscuit Tue 12-May-09 12:20:12

about to join forum - i may be some time...

runningmonkey Tue 12-May-09 12:21:40

Glad they were useful.

If you are looking for suppliers of parts/accessories this link here might also help - I should point out my DH built the site when we were restoring our van and we both spent hours searching for suppliers for various bits and bobs. I hope I don't get in trouble but the site doesn't make any money or anything.

Ooh surfermum - A t4 is my next camper... yours is a lovely colour.

ReligiousBiscuit Tue 12-May-09 12:25:12

nice webpage!

Surfermum Tue 12-May-09 13:54:03

Thank you! He's called Spike. And I have to say having a campervan is everything I always thought it would be and more. Spike rocks. It's transformed weekend camping as you just arrive and park - no putting up and down of a tent - and we can just scoot away for the night as it stays ready packed with everything we need bar a change of clothes.

Surfermum Tue 12-May-09 13:56:12

That is a good website. Dh coverts them as well, we're just getting one done now so we can rent it out.

ReligiousBiscuit Tue 12-May-09 13:59:42

exactly surfergirl - i also imagine even just popping along the coast for the day and using the van for changing, eating, napping etc.

AliBean Tue 12-May-09 14:02:38

Surfermum - will you let us know when you are ready to rent your new one out? We want to try before we buy to make sure its as good as we expect!

Surfermum Tue 12-May-09 14:03:01

Yup, we often drive to Sandbanks, which is only about 15 mins away, and cook bacon sarnies and look at the view.

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