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camping in peak district

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choufleur Fri 01-May-09 19:28:04

any recommendations? must have decent showers, toilets. do not like roughing it and also be ok about large tents (have a vango diablo 600).


choufleur Sat 02-May-09 19:12:01


troutpout Sat 02-May-09 19:16:09

Packhorse farm ,Tansley ,Matlock
Lime Tree Park , Buxton

fatzak Sat 02-May-09 19:44:41

We went to Packhorse Farm last summer on the recommendation of Troutpout!(sure that you won't remember!)

It was a great site and showers etc were wonderful. I would say however that I think that there are more picturesque parts of the Peak District - we drove through some amazing scenery and were a little hmmwhen we got there. Not saying that it wasn't lovely, just a bit flat for us!!!

Overmydeadbody Sat 02-May-09 19:46:52

There's a quiet little campsite within walking distance of Stanage, basic but clean with showers and toilets, but for the life of me I can't remember what it's called.

serin Sat 02-May-09 21:58:50

Upper Booth Farm is lovely.

In cool camping book too!

fatzak Sun 03-May-09 09:37:56

Sorry, I've just re-read my post and it sounds like I am being critical of Troutpout's suggestion blush I'm really not smile

troutpout Sun 03-May-09 21:43:06

blardy ungrateful mare!

wink grin

Yes ...fatzak is right ...other parts of peaks much prettier (hope valley/goyt valley/castleton are my current faves)...we live use it as last minute quick camping
But both sites are good for a very clean, well organised base for exploring area...and are in different areas so you can access different things.

choufleur Sun 03-May-09 22:37:06

upper booth farm looks great - just waiting for friends to yeah or nay it.


fatzak Mon 04-May-09 08:32:35

Phew. Worried that Troutpout may start a thread about ungrateful Mnetters who slate their suggestions grin

So Troutpout, which sites in the prettier areas would you recommend wink Actually that's a serious question as we are hoping to head down to Derbyshire in a couple of weekends if the weather is good.

fatzak Sat 30-May-09 18:36:21

Choufleur - did you get to Upper Booth? We have just got back and had a great time. Would def recommend it - in the most beautiful part of Derbyshire.

serin Sat 30-May-09 23:23:25

There you have it, listen to Serin, (not Trouty!) Ner, Ner, Na, Ner, Ner grin

fatzak Sun 31-May-09 10:14:24

Am not sure that the showers would be up to Choufleur's standards though!!

We are hoping to go back to the area as soon as possible. We really liked the look of the very very basic site field just opposite the parking area at barbour booth. Just need to plan in toiletting and washing practicalities as there's nowt but a tap i believe grin

happycampers1 Mon 01-Jun-09 14:43:06

We have just spent 3 days at Basset wood farm, the toliets and showers were clean but could be better, the camping field was great and would recommend the plot under the acron tree!! We were up early and the famer let us see the cows being milked (6.30am) friendly small campsite with lovely views, Have basic washing up facitilites and a good playground. Ponies and 2 horses, lots of cows, bunnies and fish.

Great for a few nights but wouldn't go for 1 week.

Have got some cracking pictures of the site or the views from our tent.

MadHairDay Mon 01-Jun-09 17:55:51

Bit late this but just spent half term week at Laneside Camping site in Hope. It was great, lovely showers, quiet but busy site (lots of families), big tents no prob. would def recommend

xfabba Mon 01-Jun-09 20:04:34

we spent may day bank hol at this one in Birchover and it was surprisingly good - surprising as was my first family camping trip with friends and I had to be dragged there kicking and screaming as I am a 2 showers a day type of person but I was pleasantly surpirised. Nothing to compare with but seemed fine to me - showers were basic, but clean, toilets very clean and the staff helpful and friendly. My other worry was being kept up all night by raving teenagers but we were somewhat surprised to find ourselves the latest and noisiest campers as the security patrol did a good job of gradually quietening everything down for midnightish. You could have an open fire too.

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