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Camping gear in Aldi this week

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spokette Wed 29-Apr-09 11:47:21

For anyone who is interested, Aldi are selling camping gear this week. I want to get their dynamo radio!

snorkle Wed 29-Apr-09 13:34:26

I want one of those too - thanks spokette!

spokette Thu 30-Apr-09 12:31:25

Well I went to Aldi today and bought four inflatable pillows, two waterproof bags, the dynamo radio, disposable bbq set and the three piece cooking pan set.

I had to control myself or else I would have bought a lot morehmm.

snorkle Thu 30-Apr-09 13:25:02

Is it today? I thought it was Sunday...

troutpout Thu 30-Apr-09 14:06:52

The head adventuridge head torches are brilliant...we've got 2 that we bought about 4 years ago.

humptyNdumpy Thu 30-Apr-09 14:13:49

Would this be ok for four nights camping for dh, dd (17months) and me?

humptyNdumpy Thu 30-Apr-09 14:14:13

I meant this

snorkle Thu 30-Apr-09 14:24:53

It depends humpty, it would be OK for a minimalist kind of camper.

Some people would need more space for living equipment regardless of the weather, most would find it rather limiting if it rains.

If it rains are you content to lie on your beds & read/do puzzles/whatever (or go out somewhere & brave the elements), because there won't really be room for anything else.

humptyNdumpy Thu 30-Apr-09 14:27:14

If you were looking for a cheapish tent snorkle what would you buy?

snorkle Thu 30-Apr-09 14:47:58

Well, I am minimalist and have two 2 seconds tents from decathlon (one for us & one for the dcs). Admittedly, we do also have a larger dome for longer or wetter hols.

But, with a dd at 17months, I think I'd look for a tent with a separate sleeping area & a bit of living space. Most people do recommend having one or two more berths than you need as well. That will cost a bit more though.

Could you rise to £69? If so look here

I'll have a look & see what else I can find...

snorkle Thu 30-Apr-09 15:01:54

Have found some budget options at argos...

quite big, but read reviews - may not stand the rain too well

very low price and a bit bigger than the aldi one, but still not much living space

I should add that I'm just searching for budget tents on google, & looking for the sort of style of tent that might give enough sleeping room for three and a bit of living space, but at these prices there may well be waterproofing issues. That said we used a low budget tent for many years with a young family & with a bit of waterproofing spray on the seams never had any major problems.

HEB7 Thu 30-Apr-09 15:43:47

Anyone know a really good website for overview of UK Campsites, and how people rated them? Tripadvisor, not that fab for campsites...

fatzak Thu 30-Apr-09 16:22:55

[ a must!!]]

fatzak Thu 30-Apr-09 16:24:47



humptyNdumpy Thu 30-Apr-09 21:20:46

The £69 one looks really good, thanks snorkle. I'm trying to pursuade DH that we can afford a holiday this year so I'm (secretly wink ) working out how much we could buy all our camping gear for and book a site Mon - Fri.

Then I'm going to show DH how cheaply it can be done - well thats the plan!

gigglewitch Thu 30-Apr-09 21:24:41

HEB7, be aware that never ever use a negative or advisory review. Have put a good few in over the last year or two, including couple where sites have changed owner and become awful, but only my "excellent site" reviews get put on the website hmm

(sorry fatzak, just a heads-up, not a criticism of your link)

gigglewitch Thu 30-Apr-09 21:28:06

blush meaning

MaryMotherOfCheeses Thu 30-Apr-09 21:28:15

I wondered about that gigglewitch. I've had most of my reviews included except one, where I was really peed off with the site for the amount of goose poo everywhere. I think that's a legitimate concern.

<repeats> Mustn't look at tents, mustn't look at tents, mustn't look at tents, mustn't look at tents....

nannyL Thu 30-Apr-09 21:48:49


Uk campsite DO use negative reviews sometimes so long as they are worded right.
a friend has one on there (and that site has rather a lot) and i have read a fair few less than complementary reviews myself.

i think the key is when being negative you have to be very factual.

A review that says "Had a an awful weekend here, the owners were rude, the toilets were dirty, and the site was filthy" would not get on, where as "we stayed on this site for the weekend, we were disappointed that the owners were unfriendly, the toilet block did not appear to be cleaned very often and not during our stay... the same bits of loo roll were on the floor for the entire weekend, the showers were mouldy and the water was cold or luke warm and there was no mop avaliable for us to clean tup after ourselves . Also despite good weather the field was very muddy, and the rubbish bins were over flowing whoch seemed to attract a lot of wasps. I would love to return to this area, but would not return to this camopsite" would get put on.

My friend stayed on a site with no toilets at all (well none after 11pm on saturday - 8am monday, not good when away for one weekend) having specifically asked and checked that they did have loos shock.. anyway the 1st 2 reviews where he expressed his negative opinions were not accepted, but he was determined to warn other campers so once he wrote his negative review in a very factual way (making it obviouse to others not to go there) it was accepted

gigglewitch Thu 30-Apr-09 22:50:24

Mine were put very factually - purely information and not directly critical. I was careful to ensure that we didn't make any direct statements that could be construed as insulting, however the fact remains that the sites I mentioned had a particular issue each. It seems odd that complimentary reviews all made it on, and I very much doubt that my wording was the issue hmm

gigglewitch Thu 30-Apr-09 22:53:34

but anyway - back to the aldi camping porn grin I'm off to see what they've got so I can pack it for Saturday!!
Thanks for the heads-up!

Overmydeadbody Thu 30-Apr-09 23:03:06

back to the aldi camping porn... I just looked on the website, and are those prices really any cheaper than other budget camping suppliers?

To me, the only thing that is really cheap compared to other suppliers is the dry bag. I may go and get a few of those!

And the headtorches, don't think I've ever seen them that cheap apart from in sales.

Yurtgirl Thu 30-Apr-09 23:09:51

This is cool - I will check it out tommorrow

humptyNdumpy Fri 01-May-09 11:50:58

OMBD - What budget camping suppliers do you usually use? I'm trying to get all camping gearfor our first camping trip together for the chepest prices possbile

Overmydeadbody Fri 01-May-09 12:42:11

mountain warehouse have some cheap stuff

Field and Treck seem to always be on sale these days

If you can get to a decathlon shop they have very affordable gear

I know it's more time-consuming but I find shopping around usually gets you bargains.

Eurohike gear is usually decently priced.

Tents are often really cheap on ebay.

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