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best online shopping for camping

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bea Sun 26-Apr-09 16:47:47

sorry if this has already been covered... but am getting ready for the summer i know the best place for camping know alls is here...!!! grin

so where is the best places to shop online for all camping equipment...

and what do you think... thermarest mat or just get a blow up bed....?


saggyhairyarse Sun 26-Apr-09 22:36:06

We have got some bargains from Outdoor Megastore.

Songbird Sun 26-Apr-09 22:39:23

Charlies Stores are pretty good. I've never used the website, but the shops are local, and we get most of our stuff from there.

As for beds, personal pref really. I like a blow up bed, but dh swears by thermarests when he goes off on his lonesome adventures. There was a thread recently about someone freezing with a blow up bed, and everyone had lots of good advice about putting blankets beneath the mattress, and on top (but beneath you IYSWIM). It would depend on cost for me, to be honest.

gigglewitch Sun 26-Apr-09 22:43:50

imho, it's outdoorworlddirect and also check out amazon [uk site]

SoMuchToBits Sun 26-Apr-09 22:48:12

I have bought things from the Towsure website (does caravan stuff, but also camping).

As far as beds, in the summer, airmats (thermarest etc) are fine, but have never used them in cold weather.

Yurtgirl Sun 26-Apr-09 22:50:57

This is just the thread I need!
Pity you guys have all reccomended different shops though!

I forseee hours of happy interent browsing ahead

gigglewitch Sun 26-Apr-09 23:16:49


well isn't that in the rules round here that we all say something different? grin

bea Mon 27-Apr-09 19:49:37

ahhh! thank you as i need to do some camping retail therapy...!!! think i have also decided on a fat airic as i've read a fair few threads on them... all pretty positive... although alpkit seems to be the only place where you can get them... does anyone know if this is correct?

FCaz Fri 22-Mar-13 14:21:28

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

colleysmill Fri 22-Mar-13 18:27:57

There is a big camping shop not far from nuneaton which I used to go to as a kid called Jacksons of Old Arley.

We've bought some bits off their website which we couldn't source anywhere else and had good service (truly rubbish at links though)

colleysmill Fri 22-Mar-13 18:29:14

Just realised though this is a Zombie thread! grin

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