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We have just saved £400 on a Siblu holiday!

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serin Sun 15-Feb-09 18:43:30

By booking with Canvas holidays. grin

Berrie Sun 15-Feb-09 18:49:23

Where are you going? We went with Canvas last year. I've been looking all afternoon for this years holiday.

serin Mon 16-Feb-09 23:07:25

The one near Paris, Bemy Riviere, Pont du something or other. We are staying in a caravan for a week on the way back from the Alps. Booked it as it is fairly close to Disney, but none of the kids want to go there!! LOL... The queues at Legoland have put them off theme parks forever.

Leslaki Wed 18-Feb-09 17:11:17

OOh Serin - know lots of people who have been there and raved about it!! We were gonna go in May but booked Le Touquin as it's much closer to Disney and that's our reason for going! tell your kids the queues at Disney are nowhere near as bad as the ones at legoland. We've been to DLP twice and are going back but have never wanted to return to Legoland! Well we would if it was personally open just for us!

berrie - where are you looking at going? We're going with canvas again this year - here where we went with them last eyar (all courtesy of tesco!)

serin Wed 18-Feb-09 20:24:37

Thanks Leslaki, might try to drag them to Disney then.....I want to go anyway.

Didn't realise you could use Tesco deals for holidays.

nikkid21 Tue 24-Feb-09 15:38:44

We're going to Duinrell, Holland with Canvas this summer. They were over £400 cheaper than Eurocamp.

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