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St Ives Bay Holiday Park Cornwall

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gegs73 Wed 28-Jan-09 12:51:22

Hi - has anyone been to this camp site in St Ives as I'm thinking of booking a holiday here in August.

I've stayed on campsites in France but am new to ones in the UK and wanted to know if this is nice/clean/young family friendly? We normally stay in chalets as opposed to tents (get nervous about bad weather). Any comments good or bad would be great smile

PuzzleRocks Wed 28-Jan-09 14:19:13

Bumping for you.

gegs73 Wed 28-Jan-09 19:24:33


FantasticMissFox Fri 30-Jan-09 19:40:43

I haven't been to that campsite but St Ives is lovely. Just the right size of town with loads of different beaches. It has my highest recommendations. Hope this helps.

zaksmummy Sat 31-Jan-09 15:22:45

If it's any help ukcampsite has a few reviews on itsmile

mumshadenough Mon 02-Feb-09 21:58:05

we have booked here for august because of the reviews we have seen...We stay in tent, and it looks like it has really good facilities that we need. Also if its wet and horrible, there is a lot of indoor entertainment.....obviously we are hoping for sunshine to go to the beach every day!! grin

Surfermum Mon 02-Feb-09 22:01:49

I went about 7 years ago and at that time it was lovely. The caravans were in the sand dunes and I could wake up each morning, pull back the curtains and see the surf. From what I remember the chalets didn't have sea views.

There was a nice indoor pool, and you could walk down to the beach from the campsite. There was also a play area just at the top of the path to the beach.

The clubhouse was very popular and busy, we tended to do other things and go in there for a drink a bit later on, we didn't ever go for the entertainment.

And there's a Lidls very close by for food shopping.

whitenoise Sun 08-Feb-09 14:23:54

we went there when i was about erm ...8/9 (am 27 now) and its one of the few holidays i actually remember because it was just so nice there! LOVELY beaches and local area. We stayed in a static with my grandparents but my dad and his "other family" stayed in a trailer tent in the dunes. I remember it felt like we were in a desert oasis blush

Andthentherewerethree Sun 08-Feb-09 14:29:04

is that the john fowler one? if so it was appalling! we booked for hayle last year which was dreadful, a cottage with a sofa that when you sat on it you disappeared into it, a double bed that was triangular and you rolled off of it. so we asked to be moved as the facilities were awful too. they moved us to the st ives one and in a caravan, but again althoguh the caravan was ok (well for a caravan) the site was awful, too much chlorine in the pool, rude staff, terrible 'entertainment' we actually moved out of this one and paid to stay in a lovely b&b in the end.

Andthentherewerethree Sun 08-Feb-09 14:30:29

I meant to say St Ives itself was lovely and we went to a lovely restaurant on the way out of St Ives, called the watermill. Very nice food, relaxed atmosphere, board games for the children to play while you waited for the food.

gegs73 Mon 09-Feb-09 19:15:51

Hi - thanks for replying everyone, I thought no-one had got back on this thread so was pleasantly suprised smile. I'll bear all this in mind as we still haven't booked anywhere yet.

WhereTheWildThingsWere Wed 11-Feb-09 12:40:09

It isn't actually in St. Ives it's in Hayle, my mum went every year for a few years and loved it.

Hayle is about a 15 min drive from St. Ives, though it can take a lot longer in summer, because of all the traffic.

It's a nice place all sand duney and wild looking, Hayle itself is very quiet, though it does have a fab chippy.

I gor food posioning from eating at the watermill btw, I'd avoid it.

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