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Who's been camping in France with their own tent?

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LiberalIdleOlogy Fri 23-Jan-09 17:52:49

I'd like the benefit of your wisdom. Firstly, if we go during school summer hols is it possible to be spontaneous and tour about at whim, or will I need advance bookings? Also, wondering what the French municiple sites like? All tips, ideas and warnings gratefully received!

PuzzleRocks Fri 23-Jan-09 18:27:19

Bumping for you.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 23-Jan-09 18:30:53

grin puzzlerocks. Is this your new hobby? You should get paid for it!

We've toured France and Europe in general in the summer hols.
We only once nearly had a problem and that was on the south coast when we got the last space on a campsite and that was cos we tour with a little tent. Other than that we've not had a problem.
Fraid we've never tried muncipal sites though.

Ivykaty44 Fri 23-Jan-09 18:39:58

Going to France in the summer holidays and wanting to go to different places on a whim - you certainly can do it, I hjave never booked a camp site in advance when going camping in france, Belguim, Spain, Italy.

Though the end of July and begining of August will be busier and you may not get such great pittches and possibly only for a few nights, then have to move on. Which is fine if you are touring.

It is also more expensisive at the end of July and the begining of August, later in August (around the 21st) the price will drop. The campsites will be less busy also and the summer is still warm - usually.

Have pais between £20 and £40 per night for two adults and two children on a campsite and the price doesn't represent the quality of the site. The one site that we stayed for £40 was ok for pool but 3 toilets between around 150 people was dire - so we left the next day.

french municipal site can be wonderful, the one at samur is apparently. But the one at Bayeux? is really rather poor and unfriendly. There is a great campsite just out of the town though - about 8k, which is lovely with a swimming pool and restaurant on site and lots of ground to play.

municpal site will not often have pools, which my dd loves so we dont usually stop at them.

Where were you thinking of driving to in france?

PuzzleRocks Fri 23-Jan-09 18:47:37

Do you hear that Mumsnet? I accept cash only. grin

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 23-Jan-09 18:49:13


LiberalIdleOlogy Fri 23-Jan-09 20:40:28

Thanks all. Guide book and/or internet site recommendations needed too.

Still have an open mind as far as where to go. I was considering booking a ferry crossing and then consulting the weather map. Spent most of last summer stuck under the only rain cloud in France. Most frustrating.

Ivykaty44 Fri 23-Jan-09 21:08:55

I always take , Alan Rogers camping book and the caravan club campsites book, there is one for Europe and one for France (I think that is how it is split)

bigTillyMint Sat 24-Jan-09 16:50:18

We always book ahead, but have found that late July / early Aug has been good weather in France - Normandy, Brittany, Vendee, Loire, etc!

snorkle Sat 24-Jan-09 17:34:21

We have been for a total of 4 weeks and only booked ahead for 3 nights. Probably didn't even need to do that.

LiberalIdleOlogy Wed 28-Jan-09 18:25:11

Bumped as there seem to be a few happy campers about this evening.

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