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Fat Airics have arrived!! Now talk to me about Cobbs...

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amazonianwoman Tue 13-Jan-09 14:10:18

I've just had a lounge on my shiny new Fat Airic - lovely and way more comfy than my 19yr old miserly Thermarest grin

Have done some searching to get views on the Cobb BBQ grill, am considering getting one for DH for his birthday, but was wondering if you could feasibly do virtually all of your camping cooking on a Cobb? ie could I avoid buying a 2-burner hobb/grill thing? We have a Triangia and a couple of those tripod burners that sit on the grass & attach to gas cylinders (can't remember what they're called) - all from our pre-kids proper camping days but not very child-friendly.

Can the Cobb really do it all? We'll have electric for our main camping holiday so could take a kettle, but thinking it might be a little ambitious to do without a cooker?

(even contemplating taking the slow cooker to France so dinner can be simmering all day - pretty safe - but DH thinks I'm mad)

kiwibella Tue 13-Jan-09 18:07:38

I love my fat airic - the best camping purchase ever!! We've just moved house and slept on them for the last week or so until our bed was delivered grin.

I'm sorry don't know anything about cookers tho. We have a little bbq which did it all for us.

DLeeds Sat 17-Jan-09 10:04:53

Hi, I meant to reply to this week, and then somehow, well you know.

I have a beautiful Cobb, (and a camping equipment addiction (fat airics an' all), what would you like to know?

amazonianwoman Sat 17-Jan-09 11:48:29

Hi, basically could you do all your cooking on a Cobb, ie no need to buy a camping stove? We only have a triangia and one of those little tripod stoves you connect to a gas cannister (haven't really done any family camping yet)

DLeeds Sat 17-Jan-09 12:00:27

Well, I suppose you could but it takes at least half an hour to heat up - no good for those bacon sandwiches and a morning coffee (my reason for camping).

I take a Cobb and one of those £10 suitcase type affairs for the coffee and instant heat.

Good points

I got the deluxe package with loads of extra grill plates etc they come in handy for the suitcase cooker so no extra frying pans

You can set it off and it doesn't need close watching so you can do other things

You can actually do beefburger quite quickly (semi-bbq'd) on the top. But they not quite bbq - but still very moist.

I use Cobblestones (sort of solid charcoal ring) (from Lakeland and other) as very quick and easy to use.

Heat beads are better than regular charcoal.

Bad Points

Another thing to carry. Unless you are doing joints of meat / roast potatoes you can to most things on a combi of bbq and normal gas hob.

But I do like my gadgets and have enjoyed this one.


DLeeds Sat 17-Jan-09 12:02:29

ps I am coveting a trangia for long walks and soup mid way. Nooooooo.

DLeeds Sat 17-Jan-09 12:04:49

I suppose you can think of it as a charcoal fired slow cooker.

Joint (not that I have done) takes about 2.5 hours. Veg curry (I have) nicely left and cooked 2 hours - great, just chop and leave.

DLeeds Sat 17-Jan-09 12:41:30

not sure if you use UK campsite so done a cobb search

mucho Cobb info

amazonianwoman Sat 17-Jan-09 13:33:15

Fantastic link, and thanks for the info grin

It just seems so much safer than using a gas cooker (DS almost 2 and a bit of a whirlwind), I guess I could just use triangia/burner for breakfast, and we'll have elec hook up for our main holiday so can take kettle for hot drinks.

Was actually thinking that taking a Cobb would stop me having a huge fry-up every morning grin

Triangia's great, but slow if boiling water.

Love my camping gadgets too grin (and cycling gadgets, and sailing gadgets, and cooking gadgets...)

DLeeds Sat 17-Jan-09 14:36:55

No probs,

I managed to wrangle a discount from mr cobb site UK (you'll need to google right name)by mentioning UK Campsite (they have a discount).

My little suitcase stove has done stirling work - well worth the money.

Am with you on the cooking gadgets and cycling alas, luckily v sea sick (but you should see my brother's sailing get up) I think it might be genetic. grin

badassmarthafocker Sat 17-Jan-09 18:02:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

amazonianwoman Sat 17-Jan-09 19:28:11

OK I'm convinced grin

Dleeds do you have a link for your suitcase cooker? Don't mind getting one if it's as cheap as chips. We haven't done any sailing since DCs were born sad

DLeeds Sat 17-Jan-09 21:40:41

Mine was from Go Outdoors £4.99!

so you might be able to get one in the sale

This is the one on ebay but a bit more expensive.

ebay one

I don't like faffing around with large gas bottles (which are probably more economical) and probably better for a longer hol, but this suits me fine. I don't have EHU and use the lids and the like from the cobb for the instant breakfast etc.

I have also done one minor adaptation to the Cobb (can't help tinkering) and use one of these metal baskets in the base of the Cobb (holds more heat beads) when I want a more BBQ effect. It will probably break it in the long run, but works like a mini disposable BBQ.

amazonianwoman Sun 18-Jan-09 00:13:34

Excellent, was planning on going to Go Outdoors tomorrow anyway (it's dangerously close, as is Decathlon!)

DLeeds Sun 18-Jan-09 10:17:55

Good grief, I couldn't cope with the twin temptations.....

amazonianwoman Sun 18-Jan-09 21:45:08

DLeeds do you have the Cobb frying dish (the deep sided one, not the flat frying pan) If so, and only if it's handy, could you measure the diameter?

I'm trying to decide what to order with the Cobb and I already have a good pan that looks v similar but not sure it might be too big to balance well on top?

Never made it to Go Outdoors, DD and I both ill today sad

amazonianwoman Sun 18-Jan-09 21:50:03

Oops sorry ignore that, I've just found dimensions online!

DLeeds Sun 18-Jan-09 22:03:57

i use the wok like dish the second most, as I can use it on the other stove.

If you go to Go Outdoors can you post if any bargains!! smile

the diameter is 33cm i think,

I also use those roasting type plastic bags, balance them on top of the stew / curry (with veggies in) but under the dome, or in the moat bit. Makes thing easier and less bowls pot etc.

(can you tell I have being playing). All totally non-essential but what else is camping for.d

amazonianwoman Mon 19-Jan-09 13:37:02

grin will definitely look for some bargains, might go tonight if I can get kids to bed early...

Have measured my pan, it's about 2-3cms bigger. Does the real mccoy Cobb one fit into the top of the Cobb or does it just balance on top iykwim? I have visions of my pan full of bolognaise sauce flying off the Cobb... So if the Cobb one fits into it, I'll buy one.

Just realised that EHU costs £50 for the lead thingy shock I thought camping was meant to be the cheap option??

And tell me more about those roasting bags - never heard of them grin

DLeeds Mon 19-Jan-09 13:41:38

hi yes the greatly inflated price real deal work / pan fits snugly in the base, so only the handles stick out. then the dome sits on top if required.

DLeeds Mon 19-Jan-09 13:43:26

and who said camping was cheap? Not with all the 'bits'. Again Go Outdoors were doing the EHU thingies for £25 quid earlier in the year as a 'loss leader' I think. Check they've not got any left.

amazonianwoman Mon 19-Jan-09 13:45:11

Oh yes, would definitely need a lid for it (which I don't have for mine) to keep out insects/DS's fingers.

So it looks like I need to add that to the list...

DLeeds Mon 19-Jan-09 14:23:02

think of it another way - if you go for the full package including pan i think they throw in everything, including temp probe and lighter, bag and extra griddle.

You know they are, v expensive for what they are, probably too expensive - but I do like a proper flame, you can sit around it after and warm your hands. Probably one of my more extravagant purchases. Don't forget the UK Campsite discount (you don't have to prove anything) if you order direct. He just took my word for it.

amazonianwoman Mon 19-Jan-09 14:39:36

Thanks for all your help smile

We had one of those £10 charcoal BBQ buckets (til DH stumbled on it & squashed it one night) and used to love sitting round that. The instant a flame creeps above the rim though, the warden is out in a flash!

Will use the UKCS code grin

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