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Will my 2 1/2 year old escape the tent and go walkies at night?

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millypip Tue 06-Jan-09 10:17:20

I'm really looking forward to camping in france this summer but this is my big worry. Does anybody have any experience of this? She will be in a "big girl's bed" by then so anything is possible.

TheButterflyEffect Tue 06-Jan-09 14:00:06

Message withdrawn

Lionstar Tue 06-Jan-09 14:06:48

Safety pin the zip to the outside of the tent?

Lucycat Tue 06-Jan-09 16:25:36

yep zip the bedroom compartment to the top - she'll be fine. Along with pushing bedtime to about 10am so she is too exhausted to move!

Lucycat Tue 06-Jan-09 16:25:59

blush clearly that was 10pm!

millypip Tue 06-Jan-09 20:49:06

Thank you! The safety pin, the zip and the top and the wearing out all sound like good ideas! I think I'll try them all together!! :-) Fingers crossed....

amazonianwoman Tue 06-Jan-09 22:39:41

DD was 2.3 the first time she went camping and was also the first time out of her cot (into a ready bed) Agree that fresh air + late night is the best option, she was fine.

Not so confident about DS this summer though, he'll be 2.4 and needs to be tethered day and night hmm

mumshadenough Fri 09-Jan-09 18:44:22

Please dont safety pin the tent shut. If you had a fire you would probably not get out. Sorry to be a bit morbid, but you can never be too careful.....
Just zip up bedroom pod to the top and you should be ok....

hotbot Fri 09-Jan-09 19:26:08

little bell on zip to her bedroom door?
at least you would wake up

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