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Your recommendations for 6 berth family tents, lightweight and easy to carry . . .

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Cadbury Sat 27-Dec-08 16:02:50

ideally with sewn-in ground sheet and whatever that feature is that means the rain doesn't come in trough the zips.

We have been gven some money to buy a new tent for the family but we don't know where to start. Can you give us some pointers? Recommend some tents/ makes/ features to us please?

Cadbury Sat 27-Dec-08 16:25:03

any one?

ToysAreLikeDogs Sat 27-Dec-08 16:27:41

Oh cad there was a thread recently hang on I'll have a rummage.

In the meantime do you have a rough budget.

( I heart camping but DP not interested so I have developed an interest in, like, tent porn)

ToysAreLikeDogs Sat 27-Dec-08 16:31:00

Outwells are v popular

Astarte Sat 27-Dec-08 16:31:27

We got a Coleman Big Cypress last year (might even be 8 man) but it went up very easily, very roomy and we had a fab 'ol time in it.
Got it via Millets in their sale around March for less than £150 quid iirc.

I think I remember someone saying that the outdoor companies have good sales around March time as they clear-out for the new Summer stock, so it might be worth waiting until then.

We're happy with ours tho'.

How goes it with the LO's Cadders? I was on the Feb 07 AN board, but had a different name then.

Cadbury Sat 27-Dec-08 16:53:37

Thanks for the link and those suggestions.

Lol @ tent porn grin

We are looking at £200-£300.

DD2 is doing very well thankyou (who were you btw?), kicking her way into the terrible twos with style and attitude and doing that new word every day thing grin
she's lovely.
how are you and yours?

Astarte Sat 27-Dec-08 16:55:05

I'm on your fb I think. We were both expecting no.3 at the time, and running playgroups iirc. I liked cake.

Cadbury Sat 27-Dec-08 17:03:58

Haha! now I know who you are. You ok?

Astarte Sat 27-Dec-08 17:05:16

Yes, fine thanks, awaiting no.4 in 6 weeks or so.

Don't say anything about the timing I know, I know.

AND it won't be happening again....EVER!

Are you camping for the first time?

Cadbury Sat 27-Dec-08 17:20:09

No 4! shock You're a braver girl than I, gunga din!

We 've been camping for a little whilw but yave a very old (although in good nick) frame tent that we were given but we have had to go camping with my parents so they can carry it for us as it's so heavy and bulky. Turns out it has been putting their caravan dangerously over the weight limit for towing blush and they have said they will help us with a new tent that we can carry ourselves.

Cadbury Sat 27-Dec-08 17:21:39

forgot to say congratulations in the midst of my shock! Well done. Keeping your self padlocked from now on are you? wink

gibba8 Sat 27-Dec-08 20:15:08

Would definetly recommend our Outwell Montana 6. Has a built in groundsheet and loads of room.

Cadbury Sun 28-Dec-08 12:44:31

how small does it pack down gibba8?

gibba8 Sun 28-Dec-08 20:57:07

Actually quite difficult to get it back into the bag and I think it is heavy although husband had no problems lifting it into roof box. A lovely tent tho. I love it.

Cadbury Tue 30-Dec-08 19:16:01

w3hat sort of weights can you put into a roof box, out of interest.

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