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Do I really need the pram for camping / music festival?

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twoboots Mon 01-Sep-08 08:02:09

We are going to a 3 day festival at the end of next week. I have an impractical car (Beetle) and and impractical travel system frame that doesnt fit in the boot (but does fit in rear passenger seat beside- dd 13 weeks). We rarely use the travel system anyway, she spends most of the time in her bjorn. DP loves carrying her around and could go for hours. We are also getting the carrier cover.

The frame is quite all terrain so I thought it might come in useful (car seat has a rain cover) I dont want to overload the car, or have unnecessary things in the tent -

after all that do you think i should leave the frame at home. i am aware that i am insane for planning to go in the first place.

VictorianSqualor Mon 01-Sep-08 08:21:44

I wouldn't bother with the travel system.

charchargabor Mon 01-Sep-08 08:24:50

I would just take the carrier if I were you.

Skramble Wed 03-Sep-08 22:54:37

Prams are rubbish at festivals unless they have very big cross country wheels and you are lucky to get very dry weather grin.

zippitippitoes Wed 03-Sep-08 22:55:23

is it the emnd of the road

PotPourri Wed 03-Sep-08 22:56:16

Go for the carrier, much more mobile and takes less space - also won't get nicked hte way a posh pram frame could...

Good luck, you are very brave if you ask me! (Jealous)

solidgoldbrass Wed 03-Sep-08 22:57:19

Is her car seat portable? Because there will be times you will need to put her down for a few minutes.

Ewe Wed 03-Sep-08 23:00:39

If I were you I would take the pushchair as a just in case option.

I went to a festival when my DD was 15 weeks old and it was so wet and muddy under foot we didn't feel particularly safe carrying her in the Baby Bjorn and if it's going to be for hours and hours I'm not sure it's great on the baby's little legs!

MrsSnorty Wed 03-Sep-08 23:10:03

IME pushchairs are quite useful for carting tents/matresses/heavy stuff from car park to camping area.
And sometimes DCs like to sleep in them which is particularly beneficial if you push them around in the evenings until they drop off, and then you can sit down and have an uninterrupted beer.

twoboots Fri 05-Sep-08 20:07:20

zippi it is end of the road, will just have to see the kind of space we have.

Flamesparrow Fri 05-Sep-08 20:08:50


mrsgboring Fri 05-Sep-08 20:13:20

Not done a festival, but ditched my buggy permanently at 4 months when I realised what a pain in the backside it was.

Babies can perfectly well sleep in the carrier and if you need to put DD down, there are two of you to switch between. I'd consider buying another carrier (maybe a wrap type) to speed up the process of switching between the two of you and in case one gets soaked/pooed on.

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