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First camping trip with the children and it was...............

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TheMadHouse Mon 25-Aug-08 21:21:52

Fab shock

Yes, we went to Northumberland, lovley small site called Hadrians Wall, great facilities.

We were on the meadow (basically a field over the road)

Was windy when we arrived, but we managed to pitch the tent without killing each other on Friday Morning. grin

Enjoyed three great days (rained one overnight and the tent stood up to it really well).

Only thing that brought us home a day early was DS2 being sick all day (could not stand the thought of deealing with it at night in a tent)

Loads of stuff to do near by, the boys loved walking the wall, carlise only 30 mins away, basically a really nice break.

dereelicte Mon 25-Aug-08 21:23:49

OMG what is it with camping and being sick??? Every time I open a camping thread, someone tells a vom story.

Glad you had a lovely time though grin

Lilyloo Mon 25-Aug-08 21:25:32

We going for our first time tom to Wales hope we like it too.
Glad you had good time and hope we don't end up with vomiting dc which seems to be catching on the mnet camping threads!

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