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New tent - nightmare !!!

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lollybee Mon 25-Aug-08 20:10:09

Well, I think am ready to give up before I begin ... Having decided on buying the Colorado 5 for our first expedition why was I tempted to buy the Sunncamp Shadow 600 in the sale at our local camping shop today. 'Oh it is easy to put up - even for a beginner' and, 'you can do it easily on your own'. Having fought with the tension poles to get them into the pins - really haven't got the hang of that !! I was just about to peg the f**king thing out. when the metal casing round one section of one of the tension poles at the end of the tent decided to peel open.
The air around our garden matched the colour of the sky (which was quite blue today)and I now have to go back to the shop tomorrow with a tent that has a peeled open pole and a small hole in the sleeve that the pole feeds through - not looking forward to that much ...

Am I being really pathetic, or is this something which has been known to happen before?

DS can see the promise of a camping trip or two next year disappearing down the pan but is putting a brave face on it!!

saggyhairyarse Mon 25-Aug-08 21:04:03

Is it just you and your DS?

What about getting something mega easy:

I would deffo go for something like those, maybe a 3 or 4 man for extra space, but if you are a novice camper, why make life difficult?

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