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Blow up mattress / Self inflating mattress........

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weepootle Fri 22-Aug-08 13:19:04

I need a new blow up mattress as I freecycled my spare bed and I've got guests this weekend. I want one that I'll be able to use for camping as well though.

There's one in Argos called self inflating mattress but it doesn't look like the camping self inflating ones. Also it says it has built in pump, does anyone know how it works?

Bembec Fri 22-Aug-08 14:48:23

Hi there, the mattess you mention has a built in pump which sucks in air as you press on it. It takes a lot of effort though and is more bulky to store afterwards. I would just get a standard airbed and an electric car pumpand you can easily use direct from lighter socket in car (this takes 20 seconds!!). There are other self-inflating mattresses available by Gelert and Vango etc. available from camping shops - these are the easiest to use as you just unroll them, open valve and it fills with air automatically. Grandparents might not be comfortable, but overnight guests usually find them adequate and they are excellent for camping. Hope you have a nice week-end. Bec

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