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Right, Thats It, Two Years Of Tenting In The Rain, We're Looking At Ile De Re Next Year

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saggyhairyarse Wed 20-Aug-08 23:39:14

Love camping and will probably camp there (maybe a mobile home if can get one cheap enough) so what sites would you recommend if you have been there?


Lucycat Thu 21-Aug-08 14:09:42

make sure you go earlier than this in the season as there is someone on ukcamping moving south from there as we speak because of the atrocious weather!

Can you go further south? you need to ideally go south of the Loire!

but I completely sympathise re the weather, we had a week at Whit in the rain in Devon.

mumof2222222222222222boys Thu 21-Aug-08 14:25:57

I have some friends who love the Il de Re, but weather wasn't great for them this summer (late July). At same time we were in southern French Alps and weather was pretty good (really warm but not too hot and only 1 day of (torrential) rain in 2 weeks. It is a long drive though.

beansontoast Thu 21-Aug-08 14:35:05

havent been since i was fifteen...gosh that's twenty two years ago....and all i can remember is that it was small enough to cycle around and our campsite was about half way along th eisland on the rhs of the road...helpful non?

it's rather more up market now...which prob means expensive.

we found that the weather (gorgeous)was better than it was on the mainland.

i would really love to go back

wabbit Thu 21-Aug-08 15:49:36

I'm a novice camper... have just got home from a week in soggy mid Wales...

I was thrilled at the fact that our tent remained water tight...

disgusted that the RAF use the Dyfi Valley as an excercise ground at 8am (ds is nearly 3 and was terrified by the planes coming so low)

I've only once camped abroad - not far from Dinard (Brittany)... it was drier - much drier and no frigging fighter jets!!

How do you cook for a family of 5 outside... in the wet???

DD and her boyfriend had a separate tent - they got leaks by the end of the week (which I found a bit funny as it actually got them out of bed before 10am!! grin)

saggyhairyarse Thu 21-Aug-08 21:18:42

So school holidays not a good time to go????

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