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Ok, have decided to buy a tent - need help deciding which one!

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madamy Mon 18-Aug-08 00:00:12

So, we are me, dh, dd1(5), dd2(2.11) and ds(15mths).

So far, we have seen both tunnel tents with all the bedrooms together, pod type ones and ones with a bedroom at each end. We really want 3 bedrooms don't we? I'm not sure though whether I want the dcs near us so they are easy to get to overnight if needs be, or away from us so we can go to bed and read/talk/whatever.

Want a biggish living space and also a porch type thing to cook in.

Any ideas?!! Have seen Vango Killington 600, Outwell Hartford XL amongst others so far, but neither tick all boxes. Was wondering what others think are important features?

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