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Camping Constipation: a universal or inherited affliction?

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Slubberdegullion Sat 16-Aug-08 19:49:10

I suspect it is yet another sign that I am turning into my mother. She could never go. Packs of prunes were purchased, transported and consumed, with little effect.

I took sainsbury's nice prunes with me...


Somehow my bowels just know. You'd think all the fresh air and tea and striding purposefully about would help.



Do tell me, it's not just me.

CouldYouWouldYouWithaGoat Sat 16-Aug-08 19:52:10

actually i used to consider this a gift while rough camping!

Slubberdegullion Sat 16-Aug-08 19:55:34

but it makes me so grumpy. My bowels are huge fans of Gina Fod iyswim

Heated Sat 16-Aug-08 19:56:42

lol, I thought it was just me and another reason why me and canvas just don't go...I'm firmly convinced I'm a luxury resort kind of girl and my bowels agree! grin

Cadbury Sat 16-Aug-08 19:59:09

not just you - me and my parents too.

Slubberdegullion Sat 16-Aug-08 19:59:12

lol. Where to go on holiday: a head, heart or digestive tract decision?

PussinJimmyChoos Sat 16-Aug-08 20:00:33

Slubber - you need to swaddle your bowels and leave them in a dark room....

Are you eating toast by 8am??!! grin

TsarChasm Sat 16-Aug-08 20:04:03

I absolutely can't go if I'm shoulder to shoulder with the next person grunting in the cubicle next to me.

We went camping in France recently and the toilets were like that. Very cramped, open and mixed too. You could see feet poking out from under doors.

I found one lovely toilet on the site that was indoors and private. Oh, the relief, but I went to it late in the evening (sneaking about looking for some privacy blush) and got locked in cos they were shutting up that bit of the site by the pool. I had to hammer and hammer on the door and was eventually let out! blush

Dh has no idea the lengths I have personally gone to in order to suffer enjoy camping hmm Him and dc love love it. I am more 5 star hotel/room service material but he goes round telling everyone how he has 'converted' me.

Slubberdegullion Sat 16-Aug-08 20:06:31

HA HA If swaddling them would help, by joves I would do it.

Puss maybe you have struck upon something as am not up and eating breakfast by 8. Perhaps I need to be harsher with myself

<envisages kicking on a mat while waiting for the showers to be vacated>

Slubberdegullion Sat 16-Aug-08 20:09:13

oh Tsar, I can really sympathise with you, particularly with seeing people feet. It's all wrong. This campsite had nice bathrooms (loo sink and shower all in one) I still had....problems.

Lucycat Sat 16-Aug-08 20:13:51

Bran Flakes for breakfast and copious amounts of red wine should keep you regular slubber!

or a Force 7 English channel crossing should shift most stuff for you - one end or the other - twill be the tunnel for us next year!

TsarChasm Sat 16-Aug-08 20:14:58

I know..I know...

I could eat a 10 lb bag of prunes but, if the toilet ambience is wrong, I can't go grin

God knows roughing it ain't my thing but I can hardly call the site we went to roughing it either...I just want my own toilet thank you very much.

PussinJimmyChoos Sat 16-Aug-08 20:15:22

Well I've found that your body does respond to cues...I'm regular on work days but not so much on non work days...rather tmi but true!

Lucycat Sat 16-Aug-08 20:17:47

Tsarchasm you need this site

or heaven forbid <<<<<whispers>>>> a tin shed.

PeppermintPatty Sat 16-Aug-08 20:19:49

Oooo I get this too! And it doesn't matter what I eat / drink / exercise. And it takes a few days to get back to 'normal' when I get home too.

Apaarently it's fairly normal and it's an evolutionary response - when away from home you become constipated so other poeple can't smell your 'scent' (of your sh*t!) and know there are strangers or enemies nearby, and then come and hunt you down (it would have been v important if you were a cavewoman!).

TsarChasm Sat 16-Aug-08 20:20:01

Hey that looks nice actually!

I think I must be related to Kenneth Williams, he was funny about toilets wasn't he? grin

Slubberdegullion Sat 16-Aug-08 20:34:10

Oh peppermint, that is very interesting. I have yet to be attacked by a sabretooth tiger or marauding neanderthal man while camping but you never can be too careful.

Lucycat (good hols?) that campsite looks wonderful. On reading the blurb I saw "Or play a game of tennis, crazy golf, beach volley, all free of charge. Afterwards you can enjoy a crap on your own bog good meal in the restaurant."


TsarChasm Sat 16-Aug-08 20:35:49

grin Rofl.. yes it almost becomes a holiday obsession.

zaphod Sat 16-Aug-08 20:36:56

Thank God, I thought it was just me. We have to keep our camping trips to 3 nights max because of my 'problem'.

DoubleBluff Sat 16-Aug-08 20:38:18

I am off camping tomorrow

With a fortnights supply of senokot!

Lucycat Sat 16-Aug-08 20:38:48

oh yes fabulous hols - Lakey got thundered on though!

wine was dirt cheap, dd's loved the pool / playground / pony rides.

already looking for next summer - although Whit may be N Wales next year!

How about you slubber - the Cabanon behave herself?

PeppermintPatty Sat 16-Aug-08 20:39:29

Obviously your bowels think never can be too careful wink

Slubberdegullion Sat 16-Aug-08 20:43:41

<adds senacot to packing list>

Cabanon was magnificent (natch) took everything north wales could hurl at it with much panache. New, sparkly kitchen tent also lovely and wonderful and ALL MINE. Now if I could just fit a Camping Khazi in the car then the kitchen tent could also be my private loo tent. Sadly we would have to leave a child behind to fit any more stuff in the car.

CouldYouWouldYouWithaGoat Sat 16-Aug-08 20:46:08

have a fag and an expresson. never fails.

Lucycat Sat 16-Aug-08 20:47:12

kitchen tent? did I authorise this purchase? I knew you had a tarp but kitchen tent....

we are seriously thinking of a trailer for next year grin

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