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Should I stay or should I go? me decide.

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Love2bake Tue 12-Aug-08 12:37:21

We've already been on 2 trips, and have another one planned next week (4 nights). I am a bit fed up with camping now, so told DH I might stay home.

He doesn't really mind, but think he would prefer I come TBH. Both the kids want me to go, but I know they will have fun with their Dad.

I have loads of stuff to do around the house, plus loads of course-work to catch up on (I am doing a long 18 month CM course), so will keep busy.

Can dedide whether to stay home and do all that, or go as it will be another year before we can camp again.

S1ur Wed 13-Aug-08 01:43:50

I would imagine yourself on day 2.

Will you be rather pleased having done a good days work and settling down to telly/mn/wine/sleep?

Or will you be thinking about dp and dcs and feeling lonely and bored that you have no one to talk to?

I suspect you should opt for staying at home to 'work' but also as bonus to take a break. wink

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