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Campsite in New Forest for camping novices

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twofalls Tue 12-Aug-08 10:53:51

We have a girls weekend organised for September and I have persuaded the others that camping will be a cheap and fun weekend away.

None of us have camped for years and we do like our home comforts so can any of you wise MN campers suggest a good campsite with decent facilities please, somewhere in the new forest?

Thank you

twofalls Tue 12-Aug-08 20:22:57

bumping for evening lot

Surfette Wed 13-Aug-08 18:07:48

I have never been myself, I am afraid. I have heard good things about Sandy Balls Holiday Centre and I think it is quite good facility-wise but I believe it is quite expensive. You might try for reviews.

We are going to one in the New Forest on the Bank Holiday - Ochnell and Longbeech, I think it is called, but it doesn't have showers apparently so might not be up your street. It is run by Forest Holidays though and they have other New Forest sites so you could maybe have a look at their website - two of their sites get recommended in the Cool Camping Guide. One is called Roundhill - not sure about the other.

brimfull Wed 13-Aug-08 18:10:01

red shoot campsite is small and right next to a pub that does nice food and breakfasts I thi

don'y know about the facilities though

brimfull Wed 13-Aug-08 18:11:01

red shoot

Thatsnotmyfairy Tue 19-Aug-08 17:37:51

Hi there

I'd recommend looking up Forest Holidays too. I can recommend Ashurst. It's a short walk to 2 good pubs and a curry house. Very helpful in rubbish weather! There's another nice one in Brockenhurst too. Both are on the Forest Holidays site.

PortAndLemon Tue 19-Aug-08 17:41:45

Ashurst is nice and there's a nice pub (does food etc.) just across the road from the entrance.

justaboutagrownup Tue 19-Aug-08 17:43:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Buckets Tue 19-Aug-08 17:44:49

Sandy Balls has a spa, pools and takeaway beer from the pub. May be completely booked up though so phone them.

MollyCherry Tue 19-Aug-08 22:29:08

Ashurst is definitely a good bet. Some of the more luxurious campsites will only take booking for a minimum number of nights, so make sure you check and pre-book before you go.

Orinoco Tue 19-Aug-08 22:30:36

Message withdrawn

twofalls Wed 20-Aug-08 09:50:33

Thank you, will have a look at all of those. I can't believe there are campsites around with spas on them. I think for one of my friend's in particular, that sounds like a bit of a winner!

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